• Punishment System

    This page is under update and testing. The information bellow may be outdated.

    1st Offence: Warning
    2nd Offence: Kick
    3rd Offence: Temporary ban for a suitable amount of hours
    4th Offence: Ban; may send ban appeal/apology
    5th Offence: Permanently banned

    Every month a player can be moved down a step as result of good behavior.

    Forum Punishment System:

    Unofficial Warning


    Temporary Ban | Three (3) hours; player must be informed first.

    Ban | Player must be informed first.

    A forum ban means a ban from the server and vice versa.


    Griefing, spam, really bad behavior, or anything else the staff deems necessary enough will result in an immediate permanent ban.

    Any offence that was issued wrongly could be appealed and lowered down to a warning, but must be approved by an administrator.

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    These rules apply everywhere in Mesalia RP: in game, on the forum, on official Mesalia Skype chats, etc.

    1. Respect your fellow Mesalians

    You play on a server to have fun with others. You shouldn't feel like you're in a hostile environment. Everyone at Mesalia not only deserves to be respected, but also deserves to have their ideas and thoughts respected - regardless of any circumstances. If you do not like something another player has done or is doing, report it to a staff member privately. Do not publicly accuse them or retaliate. If you do not report your issues, staff cannot address and resolve them. Don't be afraid to speak up. If possible, please provide evidence, such as screenshots or chat logs, with your reports. Talking about players in private mediums such as Skype (excluding official Mesalia chats) or private messages is permitted, but messages can be validly reported to staff if it is of a threatening, slanderous or offensive nature. Any racist, sexist, intolerant statements or threats will result in a ban.

    2. Listen to staff. Do not lie, or argue with instructions.

    If you disagree with a staff member's instructions or decisions, you may not argue with them. However, you may file a complaint/report the person(s) to another staff member. Ignoring staff instruction will result in punishment.

    3. Mesalia Roleplay is PG-13.

    Some of the material in Mesalia Roleplay may not be appropriate for children below 13 years old.

    PG-13 may contain somewhat bad language, a minimum of swearing, some open nudity, intense violence, bloody images or mild allusions to drug abuse.

    It is strongly recommended that anyone under 13 who wishes to join should consult their legal guardian before joining. We also will not accept behavior or actions that are above this standard, whether they are in-character or out-of-character.

    4. Do not grief.

    Griefing includes but is not limited to: willful destruction of the setting; creation of obstructive, offensive or distracting structures; repeatedly killing players out-of-character; tampering with in-character inventories and roleplays; and any other behavior or action that is harmful to the server or the players. This also extends to the intention to harm the server; this is one of the most serious offenses against the server, and will result in an instant, permanent ban and blacklisting for all parties involved.

    5. Mesalia is an English speaking server.

    We require all of the communications within the community to be in English. This is not only to ensure you are understood, but it is also for regulation purposes (i.e. so the staff know you are not breaking rules). If you do need to say something in another language, you are to provide a correct translation alongside it. This rule also extends to the use of grammar and spelling; these must be to a reasonably correct standard, regardless of whether it is out-of-character or in-character, or where it is written.

    6. Do not metagame.

    Metagaming is the application of out-of-character knowledge whilst in-character; this breaks the realism of the in-character universe, and thus is considered 'cheating' at Mesalia. [Example to be added!]

    7. Do not attempt to smart-ass your way around any of our rules and policies.

    We don't appreciate it. If you're unsure about anything mentioned or not mentioned in the rules, discuss it with a staff member. We'll be happy to assist you.


    Metagaming Rules
    Powergaming Rules
    Building Rules
    IC Death Rules
    Stealing Rules
    Town/guild/clan/etc rules

    1. Put up OOC signs on your structures

    To know what structures are maintained IC, which are abandoned and for everyone to know who to ask; put up signs with your IGN on to show everyone else it's your structure and is not to be touched or an abandoned sign if it's not maintained/lived in ICly anymore. Note that an abandoned-sign gives everyone the right to loot the structure as well as anything in it and staff may with time turn it to ruins and eventually remove it. This is to keep abandoned structures filling up the map to a minimum.

    Structures with no signs at all does not give you the right to loot it!

    2. Lore and event sites

    One must now obtain permission from the relevant staff (and site builder) before modifying these sites in any way or removing any items (especially IC literature) from the premises.

    3. Sex and Romance

    It's important to pace romantic relationships reasonably. In Mesalia, since we are a PG-13 server, we don't really appreciate overly sexualized characters. This is especially a problem when the characters backstory doesn't support they'd behave this way. Doing this may display an OOC desire for sex and makes other players uncomfortable and simply isn't allowed.

    As most characters are adults, so sex does happen. Know that any scene between two characters needs to 'fade to black' or have a 'time skip' when things get too serious. The rule of thumb for this is: The point in which you don't want to see your parents doing it is the line for what's acceptable for this server.
    No pedophilia, a character under 16 may not have an intimate relationship with another character.
    All pregnancies needs approval from the Admin herself and are to be researched by the player so that it may be roleplayed properly. If the staff judge their demands and terms are not fulfilled, permission will be removed and the child dies. This apply as long as the child remains an NPC.

    - IC pregnancy last for about 1 IRL month, +/- 1-2 days.

    - The pregnancy have to be played out within reason.

    - If needed, the aging of the child can be set to up to 15 years of age to let someone play the child as a character immediately. However, it is not recommended.

    - If there's no one to play the child available at it's birth, it may remain an NPC for 6 IRL months and have to be taken care of ICly during that time.

    - If no one's available to play the child after 6 IRL months, the child has to die or leave the setting.

    4. IC Assault and Violence

    Conflict IC is common, but it can cause tension between players. If there is fighting or violence IC, any player can can ask for a member of staff to oversee the exchange. New players especially are encouraged to do so whenever possible. If there has been an exchange and a player feels that there may have been a rule violation, or it doesn't feel like they're being treated fairly, always go immediately to staff so we can resolve the issue.

    Violence, assault, threats and fighting IC all has the likelihood for IC consequences; Such as being pursued by the guard.
    Staff can oversee any conflict or battle, especially if there is OOC disagreement in the situation. Staff has the final say on the outcome of the situation.

    - Any retconned event must be treated as the rp didn't occur. Retcon is not always an option and staff will not allow it if players are attempting to use it as a means of avoiding IC consequences.

    - Unrealistic avoidance of harm constitutes as powergaming and staff can force consequences or retcon the situation as necessary.

    Rape must be approved by staff and thoroughly researched so the resulting effects are roleplayed correctly. Characters and players must be aware of IC repercussions both physically and emotionally, and be capable of RPing them correctly. The assaulting character may face grave IC consequences.

    5. Second Character

    To be allowed to play two characters at one time you will need to file an application for it in the correct section of the forum and you will need approval from staff to play two characters. The staff judges this based on multiple criteria that you will have to have filled. Rule breaks are considered but may or may not impact the decision.

    Playing more than two characters at a time is not allowed. Only staff with approval from the Admin may play 3 characters.

    Exceptions are made for IC pets.

    6. Looting

    when a character goes inactive/dies, you're not to touch any of their IG items or property until staff has had an opportunity to sort it.

    Your new character may not loot your old's possessions.

    Keep the amount your character can reasonably carry in mind when looting.

    Abandoned homes inside towns are returned to the town owner's property, and cannot be occupied without their permission.

    7. Rules regarding pets

    The pet has to be reasonable for the server lore, theme and time setting. Same rules apply to pets as to normal characters. You can show with a sign where your pet is and what it would likely TRY to do if anyone approached, but server rules still apply. Any animal outside of dogs and cats need staff approval (Such as wolves, jungle cats, monkeys, ect.) Animals that breed beyond what the character can care for or exceed the number allowed by the rules, needs find a new home or they must die/be removed from the setting. This must be done before the animal is fully grown. Farm animals, such as livestock, has no limit other than realism in terms of providing and caring. Work animals are animals used for specific purposes regarding to a trade or other form of work. Maximum two allowed. Pet animals are any animals kept not for the above reasons. Maximum one allowed so long as the character can reasonably care for it.

    8. Character Personal Items

    No one starts with everything they need, any items brought into the setting have to be approved by staff. Personal items can be daggers, journals, clothes, etc that are or are not represented by an item IC. Item has to be within reason for the server. No horses or mounts are accepted with a character application.

    9. Minecraft Skins

    The skin has to fit the server theme and time set. The skin has to be realistic. Hair can be dyed in all the colors there are dyes for within the game, but one have to be in possession of this dye and every time the character's hair is dyed, you MUST lose some dye.

    10. Hidden Chests

    Hiding any chests without informing staff is forbidden. Any hidden chests found that staff don't know about will have their contents confiscated and it will be considered a try to hide items one gained by rulebreak and both rulebreaks will be investigated.

    11. Locks

    An iron door = door is locked with a key unless else is said and it's impossible to destroy or pick its lock. Anyone can make simple locks for doors and chests, though they are easily picked (though permission must be given, see stealing and powergame rules!) For more advanced locks, a smith is required.

    12. Out of Game RP

    Generally we discourage RP's that take place off the server. A simple conversation is however, acceptable. The moment your character moves in the setting it must be done IG.

    13. Regarding Use of Proxy Servers

    Mesalia and everything regarding it is property of Zarkaylia. One has the right to protect one's property. Therefore: Use of proxy servers are forbidden without Admin permission and may result in an IP ban without warning. If you have special reasons to use a proxy server for the forum and server, PM Zarkaylia and explain.


    1. Inactivity

    After 21 days of inactivity, If no notice of your absence can be found in the Leaving-section, your character will be immediately removed from the setting and your items and belongings (this includes all structures) can be confiscated, marked abandoned, deleted/destroyed and/or looted. It will be at staff's discretion whether to return or restore items.

    After 2 months of inactivity, above applies despite any notice.

    If you leave the server, your character will be immediately removed from the setting and your items and belongings (this includes all structures) can be confiscated, marked abandoned, deleted/destroyed and/or looted. It will be at staff's discretion whether to return or restore items.

    If you leave the server or become inactive without any leaving thread with explanations for your characters departure, you automatically allow permissions regarding your character. Mesalia and its members are not obligated to try and find previous members for anything that must be done IC to tie up unresolved issues. Thus leaving posts are highly encouraged.

    Abusing the system may result in punishment and/or special solutions from the Staff team.

    2. Pausing Characters

    'Pausing' is when a character is removed from active use in the setting for an indefinite amount of time. This can be done via a leaving post by the player or is done automatically by staff when a player is inactive. Inactivity removal can be avoided during absences like vacations or exams with a notice on the forums.

    Paused characters may not retain any IG Items. They are all forfeited to staff, looters or others within the paused characters household.

    If your character is not active they will not retain any homes, buildings, jobs or businesses. Any homes outside of town will be marked abandoned, and any structures in town will be returned to the town owner.

    Characters MUST leave the setting. Exception to this is granted only with staff approval.

    3. Returning Characters

    To bring back a paused/removed character, be it by staff or yourself removed, you must write an application that provides the staff with the following information:

    • Why did you character leave?
    • Where has your character been and/or what has your character been doing? Tell us.
    • Why is your character returning to the setting?
    • How is your character returning?
    • List any changes of skill and how they've been gained.
    • List any items your character brings with it into the setting.

  • Server Chat Rules

    Global Channel (/ch g):

    Always OOC (unless in very special circumstances approved by staff)
    No spamming (includes caps spamming)
    No bad grammar/spelling (small mistakes might happen, but no "u know I 2 luv 2 do...")
    No fighting/heated arguing
    No insulting other players
    No inappropriate speaking allowed (note that there's a difference between for example: "that's what she said" and xxx-rated stuff) and this counts for racial things, etc, too.

    Local Channel (/ch l):

    No OOC talking without a dot or likewise (unless in special cases)
    No spamming
    No bad grammar/spelling (small mistakes might happen, but no "u know I 2 luv 2 do...")
    No excessive OOC talk while others are trying to RP
    (OOC) No fighting/heated arguing when others can hear
    (OOC) No insulting other players
    (OOC) No inappropriate speaking allowed

    Messaging (/msg):

    No roleplay allowed.
    Commrunes can be used.
  • Forum Rules

    1. Metagaming is forbidden within the forums.

    Metagaming is the application of out-of-character knowledge whilst in-character. It is considered cheating at Mesalia RP as it breaks realism aspects in roleplay and is not permitted under any circumstances when one is roleplaying or in-character. For example:

    • * Having your character know another's innermost feelings about them, especially when there is no in-character evidence of it.

    • * Using lore site threads to find lore locations when your character wouldn't know where or what was out there.

    • * Asking players to meet you in certain places in-character or asking where someone is in-character.

    • *Using town/guild posts to lead characters to certain locations or encourage joining out-of-character. These threads are used only for organization and shouldn't include any information applicable in-character.

    2. Do not double post or create redundant threads.

    3. Do not spam by making too many threads or posts within a small time.

    Instead, edit your previous posts with a label to show you've added more information.

    4. Post in English.

    If you post in any other language without a correct translation alongside it, it will be removed without warning.

    5. Directly advertising or bashing other servers, services, companies or groups is forbidden.

    Discussion of services and companies are limited to games, TV programs and related media.

    6. Do not post on any whitelist applications that are not your own.

    Message any staff that have posted on that thread if you need to add/ask something that the application poster has missed.

    7. Only members of staff may post within the Event and News sections.

    A regular user can only if it has been discussed in detail with the staff.

    8. Signatures may not

    • * Have an image exceeding 600 x 300px in size.

    • * Contain any potentially insulting imagery or text.

    • * Any .gifs in a signature are preferably put in a spoiler for everyone's convenience.

    9. Any arguing on the forum is forbidden and may result in warnings for all participants and the posts being removed.

    10. All warnings on the forum are to be considered the same as getting a warning in-game.

    Thus, the 10 warning limit counts for the forum too and getting 10 warnings on the forum may result in a temp/perm ban.

    11. The forum provider's rules and terms of use also apply.

    12. All laws apply here too!

    As example; It is strictly forbidden to impersonate someone else, or plagiarize their work and any illegal files shared will be removed and the person punished.

    13. If you're banned, temp or permanently, you're banned.

    If caught trying to find ways around a ban, you're instantly blacklisted. The staff take the right to question the use of proxy servers to protect the forum as property of Zarkaylia and to protect it's members.