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Full Version: Does this place exist?
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I've had a look over the site, noted how strict the guidelines are -- and I don't blame you guys for being so uptight about it, I've seen how it can be with some of the Minecraft "community" -- I just want to ask, before I dedicate any time or effort to this, if anybody even gets on this server at this point. I notice the most recent posts are only a couple days ago, so clearly it's not abandoned, but those are all announcements by admins. How many people are regulars on this server? How many are generally on at a given time, and what's the most active you generally get at one time in, say, a week or so? I don't mean to sound confrontational or anything, I just don't want to spend hours of time researching lore, rules etc and writing up a good character just to get whitelisted to a dead server.

Since this is technically an introduction thread -- uh, yo. I'm looking for something to give me a bit of an occasional dose of RP when I get bored during the two-week intermissions you get with the higher-level forum RPs. I'm generally pretty good about staying in character, and I adhere well to rules and lore, though I do support spontaneity in plot. If there is any, that is. Looking at the site, it's unclear, but it seems this is a pretty low-action RP? Nothing wrong with that, just confirming. I look forward to being here if there's any sort of activity worth sticking around. You understand, I like to RP and all, but no form of RP is any good with nobody to RP with.
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We're hundreds of kids running around griefing one another!

Serious answer: We're 10-15 adult players, activity varies depending on time of year cause we're all working or going to college/high school. 4-5 average per day, 8-10 on good days. Active hours vary massively. "Action" depends on player preferences, staff supplies the tools for the RP not all the RP plots. We frequent server and Skype, generally not forum.

We're a small server and community that just ask a little effort put into the character application for us to weed out the non-serious applicants and the to-be-problematic players (which are generaly those ignoring the instructions or giving up after a first attempt). As result, we have a peaceful and generally nice community with no drama or problems. So if it's not your cup of tea to read the lore page and our rules we may just not be for you.
Nah, I'm fine with the reading. I just didn't wanna do so before I was certain. Thanks.
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Is... is that you? Did you just make a reaction gif of yourself?
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