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Full Version: I hate introductions...
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...basically they suck, because i'm never really sure what to say. It's not like a real conversation, where i can ask you, the other party in this discussion, what you'd want to know about me. I'm just forced to assume that whatever i feel like is the important aspects of who i am is something you'd want to hear about, when in actuality i could be shotgunning you with bullshit you could care less about.

I feel like i'm a pretty real person though, so idk. I feel like if there is something interesting about me, it immediately becomes less interesting when i shove it, unsolicited, into your face. I've roleplayed for a few years, tabletop and forum roleplay. Pretty friendly, i'd like to think. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask, i'm a pretty open book.
I'm an astronaut and I love balloons. Big Grin

Jokes aside I get what you're saying. Welcome! Someone will see to your app soon as they're able. Excuse any delays, we only have 1 whitelister atm and he's a busy bee. He'll get to it. ^^
I understand. People have lives and stuff, and a few days isn't super painful. just hope it won't be denied, writing another would kind of suck.

Thanks for the welcome though. Probably the first time I've been addressed by a viking, an empress, or an astronaut, lol.