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Full Version: Hello there!
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Not entirely sure what I'm doing, but Hello! I'm Allegra, I'll be joining the roleplay today, looking forward to makeing some friends Smiling

I like to think I'm an approachable person, so if ever you need someonw to rant about an awful day, I'm all ears!
Hello Allegra! Big Grin Glad to welcome you to the server. Some staffer will give you your IG introduction when able. Hopefully tonight then! June's a bit of a slow month due to exams, holidays and general celebration stuff but hopefully someone can get on tonight.

Got a performance at 19.00 myself but if you're able to get on late I may be able to get home before I gotta go to bed. If not, maybe Hutch can help you out.

Just remembered you're Australian, right? Means your evening is my morning, so I can either get you early your morning or during your evening.
Sounds great! I'm around pretty much any time since I done sleep much

hi friend