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Full Version: Blub blub
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Hello! I'm Watatamelon but it is greatly preferred if you could just address me by either 'Mel' or 'Melody/Melon'! My application for my character, Caius, had been accepted and I'm happy to start RPing with you all! I'm actually not too sure what to put here. I suppose one could say my timezone is one of those in Europe? Dunno, but I do have the same timezone as one of those so. Yay. I'm friendly almost all the time so please don't let my grumpy character make me seem like a grouchy person! Now, out of still not knowing what to say, I'm off like a flying watermelon. Away, my fruity minions!
Hey, Melon! Welcome to the server! Nice to meet you. I'm Zarkaylia, people call me Zark. I look forward to RPing with you and hope you'll stick around! Saw you on Discord, feel free to chat with us there. Ask questions, prod us about problems... You name it, go ahead. We're all here to help. We actually got a lot of Europeans about right now, mostly show up at some point of the day. A tip is to let people know in the Discord chat if you're up for RP and you find the server empty. Sometimes people are a bit lazy and just stare at the server counter till someone else logs on. Some of us are also perhaps a bit too used to when other members log on and just sit about and wait till that hour.

Have a good one! ^^