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Governing: Empire
The Dusk Realm is ruled by an Emperor or Empress. He or She is regarded as Umbriae’s chosen and to be of his bloodline. Of course, through the years several wars over the throne and shifts in ruler have occurred as result… But the view hasn’t changed as it’s often regarded as obvious that Umbriae would only favour and allow the rightful Emperor or Empress to rule. The Emperor or Empress is regarded as holy and in closer touch with the God King than any other being walking the Realms.

For the time being, an Empress rules the Dusk Realm empire.

It is safe to say that the Dusk Realm empire is vast and much larger than any kingdom of the Middle Realm. That doesn’t mean there are no smaller hegemony or countries, or no internal and external conflict.

Men and women:
The Xitians do not care much at all about what sex a child is born with as long as it is of their own race. There are no common prejudice or wide-spread sexism and men and women are generally regarded as equals. This, combined with the rest of the culture and religion, also translates to a pleasantly low occurrence of sexually related crimes (within the race) as it’s almost with religious fanaticism frowned upon.

Family and bloodlines:
Family and bloodlines hold a really strong relevance to the Xitian culture and religion. A strong and honourable family name is something they strive for and names and family history have been carried down for centuries. That said, names can rise to glory and honour through hard work just as well as fall from grace. So who marries who is an important topic, especially to families of higher status. That does not equal higher status family name must mary higher status family name, not necessarily, as much as it means a higher status name must/should find a "good" partner.

There is no common stance on sexuality, opinions are individual.

But a man siring a strong child/a woman carrying and birthing a strong child is held in high regard. This, combined with the relevance of family, could influence opinions. A young man or woman refusing to have children may be accused of weakness or being cowardly, and so on.

Generally, being a good sexual partner is also a source of pride for the whole family. No, they do not think of that as weird.

The powerless…
Powerless babies are often slain in secret to avoid open conflict between families, and to avoid dishonour, that could otherwise ruin the life of the parents and even the family’s name. Do not be mistaken: these babies are rare. But they do occur and it is commonly acceptable to rid of them and never speak of it.

Strength and honour:
While warriors hold a very high status in Xitian society and culture, hard work and great skill are in general regarded as virtues worthy of honour and respect. Laziness and/or a lack of wanting to work are both extremely frowned upon and those deemed to live under such lifestyles are to almost a full extent outcasts.

Xitians otherwise mingle freely between any eventual classes and professions since class and status aren't of as much importance as the individuals' own strength and honour. Thus anyone can drop in status, and anyone can climb.

A warrior culture is the foundation of the Xitian society. Virtues such as honour, loyalty, a strength of mind/body/soul, respect and hard work are some of the pillars of the society and culture. Warriors are regarded as damn near guaranteed a place at Umbriae’s side, at the front-lines of the final battle. Due to their high status in society, they are highly respected and even revered. Strong warriors of the other races are of the few of the other races' people that might be considered with some respect, that’s how important warriors are in Xitian society, culture and religion.

The elements:
Fire is regarded as the holy element and it bears a very strong symbolic importance and presence in the culture.

The Xitians worship Umbriae, the God King. To win his favour one has to be honourable and strong in life. Strength may not only be the strength of the body, but it can also be the strength of mind, skill and/or soul. Xitians strive to win his favour so that upon death they are permitted to join the God King’s army and court and thus will fight by his side at the time of the Final Battle. At the Final Battle, the God King will arrive to the Realms with his holy immortal army and wage the last war to slay the weak and conquer all. Upon victory, a grande feast beyond mortal comprehension will take place.

As with most religions, strength in faith varies from individual to individual. But for the time being it’s generally common that the older generations and even those born in the Dusk Realm are more religious than those born and raised in the Middle Realm after the Veld war.

With fire being the holy element, burners and fire-related rituals are a common theme. The religion is also highly ritualistic in general and rituals and prayers are often combined. To always have a fire lit in your home is regarded as a blessing and source of good fortune.

Opinions on Mesalians:
Mesalians are regarded as powerless, and thus useless and weak, beings. This is a very common and old opinion that the Xitians struggle to drop. It has however ever since the great loss of the Veld war been a very hot topic that divides the people of the Dusk Realm more than ever before. That said, a majority still cling to it. Xitians still in the Middle Realm has a very wide range of opinions on Mesalians, often depending on individual experiences.

Most Xitians don’t care about the Mesalian gods and have no opinion on them. A few appreciate Vucaldestus and theorize the Mesalian god of war and fire is another incarnation of Umbriae. While some instead refuse to acknowledge the Mesalian Pantheon as a whole, firmly believing the weaker race is godless and deserving of being ruled or slain. A few view any correlation between Vucaldestus and Umbriae as heresy and insult.

Opinions on Lucins:
Most Xitians strongly dislike or loathe Lucins. Exceptions are almost exclusively found in the Middle Realm.

Their opinion on the Lucin goddess Rhise varies from complete lack of acknowledgement to a few equalling Rhise to a witch-like symbol or false goddess of weakness and poor influence. If at all mentioned in their texts, Rhise is often a source of discord and weakness, and ultimately humiliated or defeated by Umbriae.

Opinions on half-blood Xitians:
The matter of half-blood Xitians is a difficult one for any Xitians and a point where matters can be really divided. Opinions can be broken down to these points:

 - Needs to be killed due to dirtied blood.
 - Unacceptable and not tolerated. It proves a Xitian sunk low enough to copulate with a Mesalian. It's a sign of scandal and dishonour within a family and half-blood is no better than Mesalians.
 - A disgrace... But at least more valuable than a Mesalian.
 - A disgrace... But the half-blood can prove themselves respectable.
 - A little lesser than a full-blood. But it's an expected result after the enslavement.
 - A Xitian as long as they hold some power to wield.
 - A Xitian as any other.
 - Who cares about blood? We're equals.

Obviously, conservative Xitians and many from the Dusk Realm will be higher up on the above scale in their opinions while most Xitians born in the Middle Realm are at the bottom of the scale.

So far, no half-blood has been positively greeted by the Dusk Realm. It's for a majority of the time still a dangerous place for anyone, not a full-blood Xitian.

Much like with Lucins, an early awakening to one’s powers is considered good and a prediction of strength. Xitians tend to celebrate the occasion and it brings a whole family a lot of joy. It’s a big day for the child. Which element the child is the strongest with tend to matter most depending on family and individual opinion. A family with a strong recurrence of Nether wielders may be immensely proud to see their own strength passing to next generation, and so on.

Upon death, it is believed that the soul has left its vessel and, hopefully, found its place at Umbriae’s side. A Xitian funeral means the ritualistic burning of the deceased. More often than not, the ashes don’t matter much after that. A memorial or tombstone may be raised for the dead and for the family.

Not burning the body of the dead is considered a dishonour and insult, only done for those weak and deserving of such. Therefore, should a body for some reason not be found, belongings might be burned and rituals performed at length and in numbers. Insulting or dishonouring a very strong soul wakes the fear of the strong soul’s wrath.

Marriage, divorce and loyalty:
Between marriage and loyalty the Xitians by far place loyalty higher. Which makes marriage still a pretty big deal. That said, divorce is not frowned upon. Adultery is however strongly frowned upon, as one can imagine, and a cheating Xitian may find himself/herself in conflict with both families.

Notes on entering the other Realms...

The Celestial Realm can technically be entered by Xitians. They can stay there for a couple of months (if never using their abilities) before sickness proper settles in. This is on average, results may vary. They will however in practice have a hard time attempting to enter the Celestial Realm. Since the assassination of the last Lucin King the security run by the Lucins is quite extensive. And that's not counting the dislike towards Xitians.

The Middle Realm can be entered without a problem, the first week or two a Xitian from the Dusk Realm may experience differences in strength from their home Realm. For the time being, Xitians will question the motives behind anyone attempting to enter the Middle Realm just as much as Mesalians will. A passage is tricky to achieve.

The Nether Realm is of course not easy to even find an entrance to, but Xitians can absolutely relish in this Realm due to the amount of Nether being in even larger amounts than that of their home Realm. It's, however, worth to note that this might also be dangerous after an extensive period of time or if the Xitian entering is lacking in control of his/her abilities.

The Aether Realm there are currently no known entrances to this Realm and its existence is purely OOC knowledge. A Xitian would suffer sickness and die rather quickly in this Realm.

The Void Realm is another Realm that exists only as OOC knowledge. It has no known ways of entering. In the Void Realm there are no elements, thus the effect on element-wielders is probably bad...

Feel free to ask questions and comment.
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