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Full Version: Lore of Wynhem [WIP]
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1. Names may change with development.
2. "Is this Skyrim?!?" - Fucking no... >_> Skyrim's Jarls are somewhat based on old-time Norse chiefs. Being Scandinavian, I've wanted to loosely base this lore on my heritage (from a number of time periods at that) without jumping to the modern interpretation of Vikings. I rather stick to the real deal if I base more on them. However, I prefer not to copy the culture and instead borrow what fits well within the world of Mesalia, or simply just remain inspired... but use my creativity to create something more fitting and new for a story.
3. It's just my own taste to not copy real-world cultures directly since I feel it overwrites the Mesalian cultures that our lore try to establish. It's my personal feeling that while I'm proud of my heritage, I wouldn't bend Mesalia to fit it rather than find what fits and go fantasy on it. Do I make any sense?
4. This is long.
5. "Wyn" for short, it's also what the people call themselves.




Brísingamen, The Capital

On the Xitians [TBA]

On the Lucins [TBA]

Additionally, On the Ko’Ban [TBA]
UPPDATED 2018-07-19:

* Added a little about the capital, named it Brisingamen.
* Fixed some format issues.
* Added one more disclaimer.