Donate to support Mesalia-RP

Donate to support Mesalia-RP

In its current state Mesalia-RP runs on donations only. Mesalia-RP has always been a non-profit server and strive to always remain such.

Your donations allow Mesalia-RP to...

- Run a stable, spam-free, dedicated and secure forum using the MyBB software with the hosting-company Hosting24.

- Provide a dedicated, high-quality Paper Minecraft server with splendid 24/7 support and uptime with the world-class host

- Keep having fun together!


It is not mandatory, but once you have donated you may notify the administrator that you want the, or one of the, following rewards:

1) A Donor-tag on the forum and the Discord server.

2) An in-game name colour. When you notify the administrator make sure to include the correct colour code. The following colours are available to chose from at the moment (these may be subject to change and you can be asked to change colour).

  • &c - Red
  • &1 - Dark blue
  • &9 - Blue
  • &4 - Aqua
  • &e - Yellow
  • &6 - Gold
  • &2 - Dark green (same colour as the global chat)
  • &a - Green
  • &5 - Dark purple
  • &d - Pink
  • &7 - Gray (same colour as the OOC chat)
  • &8 - Dark gray
  • &0 - Black (unadviced, difficult to view on screen)

If you have further questions about donating to Mesalia-RP, please contact Zarkaylia via PM or Discord at Zarkaylia#2213.