by Zarkaylia at 10-09-2020, 04:52 PM
Greetings! September is here, and I am late to this post. My apologies, I've had a few rough weeks of being unwell and recovering (not COVID).

Anyway, I will keep this as short as I can.

Changes having effect immediately:
- SentaiPink has for a long time had to carry two huge roles while also lacking time. After discussing this we came to the decision to change her roles in staff. SentaiPink remains the server's Server Builder (SB) and lets go of the title Lore Keeper (LK). I will implement these title changes during September.

Planned larger changes/events:
I am a bit behind on my tasks, but these are planned for the month of September. Week per week. I *may* change this over time.

Week 37: 
- Server maintenance. With this maintenance, we will upgrade to the latest suitable Minecraft version (meaning, the plugins have to work).

Week 38: 
- Finalization of the new map. EDIT: Maintenance resulted in complications. This may be delayed.
- Application for LK staff position goes up. Hiring will happen in due time.
- Forum maintenance.

The maybes and ongoing projects:
- Whitelist application overhaul
- Tutorial area creation (possibly looking for helpers or project leaders here).
- Rules overhaul
- Lore expansions, add locations and cultures in the menu, monster overhaul.
- Discord and forum overhaul.
by Zarkaylia at 09-06-2020, 07:03 AM
The forum is still in a small state after its re-install and refurnishing. Please report problems, feedback, or wishes to Zarkaylia.
The forum is currently functional.

Issue severity levels:
Severe - completely hinders functionality. Please avoid using this function for now.

Moderate - Somewhat problematic to functionality but not a complete hindrance.

Mild - A bother but doesn't affect the functionality of the forum.

Known issue - severity:
  • The editor is currently missing for composing PMs. - Moderate.
  • The smilies box is as ugly as hell - Mild.
  • Important pages, such as Lore, are lacking from the menu - Mild.
  • The header image doesn't show on the mobile version - Mild.
  • The bullets in a bullet list do not show... Bollocks. - Mild.
  • The blue-grey background doesn't really work with coloured text, tbh. - Mild.
by Zarkaylia at 26-11-2019, 04:04 PM
Hindsight is 2020...  Wink

The time flow has remained paused a very long time by now. This was kind of a natural result of the server's ageing, people have grown older and roleplay progression has relaxed and slowed down quite a bit. I decided ages ago now that I'll handle the progression of time myself, announce it when it's suitable...

...And then I went and completely forgot about it.

So, as of January 1st 2020, we'll progress the IC-year to year 50 AV.

Now... Since forgetting this has been entirely my bad, I'm going to allow age-progression of ALL characters up till 5 years. But I won't force it on anyone. Age-progression is something that we already use for characters up till the age of 15 and I feel adding 5 years here and there will be fine.

"But Zark... I want to add MORE years!"

Well... we'd have to discuss that in that case and I suggest you contact me then.

- Zark
by Zarkaylia at 07-07-2019, 08:15 AM
Zarkaylia "Zark" - Active
Owner of the server and administrator. 
From Sweden, has timezone GMT+2.
Handles most things. Specific tasks regard economics, planning, decisions, technical matters and coding.

MrFireDog777/Disco "Fire" - Active
Game Moderator and advertising guy.
From USA, has timezone GMT-4/EDT.
Handles advertising matters when able, otherwise tackles the law and order and moderation of forum, in-game, Discord, etc.

Hutchy "Hutch" - Active
From England, has the timezone GMT+1.
Handles all the whitelist applications and their processes.

SentaiPink "Pink" - Inactive
Lore Keeper & Server Builder.
From USA.
Head of the map design and building. Keeper of the Lore.
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