1. General Terms of Service DO apply

2. Uphold the friendly environment

3. Listen to staff

Mesalia RP make use of multiple services and software. See respective terms of services for the following softwares and services for details regarding what terms you agree upon:

  • MyBB
  • hosting24
  • Minecraft
  • (Discord)

Mesalia RP, its members and its staff are obliged to uphold any terms set by the software we use and may act accordingly.

To emphasize on rule 1, in our out of character environment we do not tolerate: bullying, stalking, bigotry, abuse of any kind, criminal acts, encouragement to criminal acts, sexual content, illegal content, racism, and so on.

It is YOUR responsibility to know the rules!

You may always present your case and you may always have a dialogue with us. We are reasonable and more often than not forgiving and understanding. But we have a drawn line. Once we agree on a counter-action to a rulebreak you will abide by it immediately or be temporarily banned. You may file a report or complain afterwards as long as you listen. A report filed after a ban due to your failure to listen will be voided.

4. Mesalia RP is not appropriate for children

5. No griefing

6. No powergaming, no metagaming

Currently, this server is inhabited by a community of adults (18+). Some of the material in Mesalia Roleplay will not be appropriate for children. May contain bad language, swearing, some open nudity, intense violence, bloody images or drug abuse. It is strongly recommended that anyone under 13 who wishes to join should consult their legal guardian before joining.

Griefing applies as normal to causing damage to the Minecraft-map, including excessive resource gathering. Griefing also extends to causing any type of damage to Mesalia-RP and the services it uses. Griefing also extends to harmful intent aimed at the server and its members.

Griefing is punishable with immediate permanent ban.

Powergaming is to force any type of action in-character. This includes death, trauma, theft, injury, poisoning, destruction of property, and so on.

Metagaming is to use knowledge learnt out of character while in-character. Try not to emote character thoughts or opinions, no character is a mind-reader. Do not emote your own thoughts, we are well aware that this could be you being passive aggressive and it harms peaceful co-existance and the friendly atmosphere.

7. Building, Resources, and Creations Rules

8. Application Process

9. Miscellanious

In order to keep a nice-looking setting and keep things more interesting in our roleplay we try to pace things, be realistic within reason, and encourage details and character interactions.

  1. Pace building/in-character work and creation and resource-gathering appropriately. You may finish builds and mark them with a date when they will be done.
  2. You may alter your character's home. Do not alter the other builds of the setting without permission from either the build's owner or staff.
  3. Do not touch or enter builds-in-progress. They will be marked and locked down and we will know what you did.

We have an application process. You will need to pass the following steps:

  1. Register. Read the Lore.
  2. Your character application must be passed. Read the instructions. It normally takes a few corrections, do not worry. We will help.
  3. You will have to pass a test on the server. Read the rules.

These steps exist to assure that we all are on the same page and that this place really is your cup of tea.

A few smaller rules and guidelines...

  • Be realistic...
  • ...but be reasonable. In the end we're all here to have fun.
  • When in doubt, ask.
  • In-character pregnancy needs approval by Admin.
  • A second character needs approval by staff.
  • You may play NPCs briefly without permission (for example: an attacking animal or passing-by sailor).
  • You are responsible for your account and you may only have one. Protect your account. No, we don't care if your brother did it.
  • Donations cannot be refunded and will not be refunded upon ban.
  • Do not use proxy/VPN without staff permission.

If you have questions you are welcome to ask.