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An Average Conversation
Some more, referencing old characters from Mesa, mostly. Some people might remember.

[Image: OUdgzWe.png]

[Image: 8AaphUV.png]

[Image: LJyepDP.png]
Vampire Nicole. Oh god. Magic Queen Zark. Derpfest Daniella who ended up dying after falling in a well or some shit. So true. XD
[Image: f7093453d00b51fc3cfac6e5a7f4b939.jpg]
Like I said, so very long ago, I've made some comics based on Tech Support Calls I've had in the past. Since I've worked there for getting on for 3 years now, and in that time have taken an approximated 3500+ calls (We have a ticket system, although we don't always keep it up to date) I've got quite a few gems of Customers behaving badly, stupidly or just plain being polyps on the Anus of Humanity.

I have ideas for quite a few comics, but I've finished up 4 for now, to see how much people like them.

Due to the rather specialist nature of the support, certain things may not make sense, so I'll include a brief Key which will at least tell you what certain phrases mean. I'll update it as things get added (If I get around to it)

DVR: Digital Video Recorder, an Analogue, or HD Analogue Recorder, to which cameras can be attached for recording
NVR: Network Video Recorder, an IP Recorder, to which Networked cameras can be attached for recording
PTZ: Pan Tilt Zoom, applies to specific cameras that can be controlled, to pan, tilt or zoom.
IP: In CCTV, this applies to the camera format. IP Cameras work over networks.
TVI: A Common HD Analogue format for cameras currently in use. 

[Image: 1495569050_YMSIg2kFLsFMLoh.png]

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