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Avery W. Martillo
Aged Avery to 13.

Working on other updates. There's a lot to edit.
Update to appearance and personality. Working on other edits as well.

Appearance edited with some color coding on the changes
Items on person
Backstory now includes Black Roses arc and Settlement stuff
New goals added to help keep my RP focused
Relationships section overhauled and up to date
Knowledge/Skills should be all current
Fixed from grammar/spelling stuff

Gonna keep scanning to improve sentence structure and other writing related changes but I believe Avery's profile is all set as far as content goes.
Added a section for Avery's family to help me keep track. Stole a bit from Zark's family tree for formatting, so TY <3
Avery has met a bunch of new characters recently. So I updated his relationships.

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