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Forum technical updates & problems
The forum loads slowly
I've seen to two counter measures so far for the lately really slow load of the forum. However, we still notice a proper dip in loading times in the American late afternoon and evening. There may be no other way out of this problem than upgrading our forum plan to get ourselves hosted on a private server. I'll be looking into the cost of this, it may be manageable these days after I got our Minecraft server costs lowered recently.

Broken editor plugin
This reached its peak fairly recently and I'm all tired after getting up this night and running tests with the staff . The editor plugin is now, after throwing a fit and fuss when I tried to do so, removed entirely from the forum. We're back to what is the MyBB standard editor (it comes with the forum, basically). It used to work very poorly but there's been many updates since so it might be fine now. Let me know if there's issues.

Broken sidebars (news + latest threads)
You might have noticed the "news" bar/module disappeared and the "latest threads" changed quite a lot. It's now more dynamic, you can chose to hide it if you want and it holds more and better formatted data. I had to do this after the before mentioned counter measures to decrease loading speed. The old plugin handling those sidebars broke and it wouldn't update the "latest threads" without a hard refresh of the webpage.

Now, the problem currently is that the new one is also broken  Crying . For the time being, it can only display 1 sidebar at the time. There can only be one... sidebar. I prioritized the latest threads and will be looking into fixing this problem as soon as I can.

Also, let me know what you think of the latest thread sidebar following you EVERYWHERE ---------------------->

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