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Thorvald "Walker" Duras
DISCLAIMER: This character is an "NPC", meaning that he's not a permanent instalment of the setting and I will play him very casually while busy, or not at all. He gets a character sheet because he has grown a bit larger as NPC than he was the last time he showed up for a little.

Name: Thorvald "Walker" Karalis
Age: Mid-30s
Race: Xitian

Red eyes
Dark brown straight hair at shoulder-length.
Full beard.
Broad shoulders.
Fit, lean muscle and little to no fat due to scarce diet. Not bulky.


Secondary profession:

Forbidden Lands, Corran, Corelian region


Languages spoken (skill level):
Mesalian (fluent)
Ko'Ban (novice)
Xitian (novice)

Elemental abilities (skill level):
Fire (adept, main element)
Earth (novice)
Nether (novice)

Closest living family:
Zarkaylia Duras (mother)
Ezri (adoptive mother)
Netha Slone Karalis (older sister)
Estelle Karalis (younger sister)
Thomas Karalis (brother)
James "Jimbo" (brother)
Silver (sister)
Hades (son)

Kane - Respects, friendly
Ujay - Complicated, friendly

Story in short:

Thorvald was born during his mother's time in slavery and was left in the woods to his fate.
A middle-aged Mesalian widow from a small nearby village found the boy and took him in.
The woman, along with the village hunters, raised the boy.
The villagers weren't all that happy with a Xitian amongst them and Thorvald spent most his time with the hunters and his adoptive mother.
He started to learn how to hunt.
His adoptive mother urged him to take up the fiddle so he could both play for her and maybe appeal more to the village.

Teenager/young adult:
The widow grew sickly as the years went by till one winter she passed away.
Thorvald struggled to find a place in the village and spent most his time with the hunters of the village, who were more accepting of his heritage.

Thorvald ventured the woods and became known as "Walker" where he roamed, living off the lands and travelling between settlements to sell or buy goods. While sometimes wandering with a company, he more and more often started to venture alone and far.
He got to know Theresa the Healer.
Bandits and slavers, naming themselves The Cross Bandits, start to harass the region. Settlements are all from scared away to sacked and his home region slowly grew more and more dangerous.
One day when he returns home to the village where he grew up, he finds it empty. A ghost village. The villagers had fled the area due to the bandit threat.
Thorvald himself trades his goods with anyone. Including the bandits.
After an encounter with a wild boar going badly, Thorvald found himself waking in the hut of Theresa the Healer. His injured arm carved up. He hits the mad healer who then startled treats his wound proper and lets him go.
Thorvald's dinner is interrupted by the noisy arrival of Orvich Daulton, Ezri Lapis and Zarkaylia Karalis. He aids some the effort to rid of the region's bandits and figures Zarkaylia might be his real mother.
A long time later he travels to Nightveil to learn more.

Since first introduction to setting/recent story...
Thorvald becomes a member of Nightveil's local Ko'Ban tribe.
Thorvald leaves the Forbidden Lands to see the Mainland for the first time.
He is forced to pick up the fiddle again to earn gold for food and housing, etc, as he travels.
Ko'Ban captures and intends to enslave Thorvald, but he's freed by a rival tribe.
Thorvald meets Fo'ras, the Ko'Ban, and gains a friend. How cute.
Thorvald meets another friend.
Thorvald visits Haven in Wynhem and finds himself a woman, that dumps him soon as she learns he has a newborn son with someone else.
Thorvald sets out to travel back to Nightveil to see his supposed son.
Thorvald and his family travel to live in the Ko'Ban lands on the Mainland.
The family comes to visit the valley (setting).
Hara dies.
Thorvald and his son Hades drop their Ko'Ban ties and move to Haven.
Thorvald and Hades return to the valley to let Hades finish school there.

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