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Hiring staff
I've taken the decision to look for a new staff member after a long long time of contemplation. In this thread I will present the current staff, their roles, and what role I want filled. I will also supply you with a form and information regarding requirements for the position.

My personal note: The decision to hire I have taken myself as the server's owner.

The Team
Administratior/Owner - Zarkaylia (me)
The administrator/owner role is broad. While the role as administrator covers everything technical and some game moderation, the role as owner covers all details in running the server and leading the staff. Also moderates the forum.

Game Moderator/Advertising - MrFireDog333/Disco
The game moderator role is defined as "moderating the game", or in better English described as someone focused on the server-side of things, anything IG. They moderate the roleplay as well as they moderate the game-related features. This is the person to first contact when there's an issue to report or a gameplay related matter to solve. Also moderates the forum.

Fire also do some extra work now and then aiding us with advertising.

Whitelister - Hutch
The whitelister responsibility involves guiding applicants through the application process.

Server Builder/Lore Keeper (10%) - SentaiPink
Pinkie builds the setting and helps with lore when she has some time on her hands. Due to the low amount of time she has, most of the lore responsibility lies with the Administrator for now.

Position Information

Who are you?
Mesalia has long held a nice and welcoming atmosphere. You're a mature person with a wish and drive to help out. You don't mind a bit of a struggle, you know your task and will do it, and you can take criticism and a 'no' from others. You are respectful, nice and driven, your aim is to help us make this place greater and better while still maintaining the spirit of Mesalia.

You have an active and accepted character on the server and the availability to get on the server at least 3 times per week on average. Not always, on average. We're not crazy. You tell the rest of the staff when you need to be out for a bit. You do not fall in the age old "I'll wait till someone else is on"-trap, you're that "someone else".

Responsibilities and skills
* This role has no name yet but may land on a second Game Moderator, Mentor or "RM (Roleplay Moderator)".
* Experience is beneficial but not needed.
* You will be a driving force in the server roleplay, encouraging activity and ensure that everyone is having a good time.
* You will hold main responsibility in the testing step of the application process. What this means (definitely) is to introduce the server and try to hold the roleplay tests yourself as far as possible. This means to contact accepted players and make sure to meet up with them to do the test and introduce them to the server. You'll hold some responsibility in keeping them engaged through the start of their journey. Should you not be able to do the tests, you hold the responsibility to make sure someone else does it. Server-introduction may be made static and text-based in the future.
* Make sure new players receive the items that were accepted in their application.
* Being creative and intuitive is a plus.
* You abide by rules and policies, and enforce them, of course.
* More help with advertising may be a thing.
* Being able to aid in events is a plus.
* Being able to tackle NPCs is a plus.
* You must not be afraid to use plugins. Nor afraid of learning them yourself (Google is your friend).
* You must be able to use the control panel (currently McMyAdmin).
* Being able to build and write well is a plus that may come in handy to compensate Pinkie's availability.
* Other skills may be welcome of course.

You will not....
- Work with applications
- Work with the technical side.
- Be a drama-queen. I'm allergic to drama-queens.

Questions? Ask them.

Copy and paste the form in a PM that you send to Zarkaylia.

Your username(s) here.

What can you do that might be of interest? List it.

Sell your soul here. Tell me about yourself and how you meet or exceed the requirements.

What *can't* you do? What are your weaknesses? What do you want to improve and/or learn?

Anything else you want to mention? Questions? Type them here.

[i]Your username(s) here.[/i]

[i]What can you do that might be of interest? List it.[/i]

[b]"COVER LETTER":[/b]
[i]Sell your soul here. Tell me about yourself and how you meet or exceed the requirements.[/i]

[i]What *can't* you do? What are your weaknesses? What do you want to improve and/or learn?[/i]

[i]Anything else you want to mention? Questions? Type them here.[/i]

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