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[NPC] Adité Barna
DISCLAIMER: This character is an "NPC", meaning that she's not a permanent instalment of the setting and I will play her very casually while busy, or not at all.

Style and appearance references:

Name: Adité Barna
Age: Late 20s.
Race: Mesalian
Ethnicity: Southern Islands

Dark brown eyes
Dark brown near black curls braided in short corn-rows.
Dark skin.
Broad shoulders.
Toned arms.
Wide torso with slightly defined muscles.
Broad hips.
Toned legs.
Narrow face with softly shaped jaw. Well-formed nose, thin lips.
Adité usually wears the fine clothing of a merchant that has some wealth to her name. Her casual clothing is southern-islands styled, light and breezy. Her travel and work clothing, or warmer clothing, is more in-line with the Mainland fashion though colourful and inspired by her roots.


Secondary profession:

Mainland, Southern Islands.


Languages spoken (skill level):
Mesalian (fluent)

Closest living family:
Captain Amaria "Silverbird" Barna (grandmother)
Johnny Barna (grandfather)
Sheila Barna (mother)
Captain Agwe Barna (father)
Damerae (younger brother)
Hosea (younger brother)
Amancia (younger sister)

Micha - Weary
Eyana - Girlfriend
Dr Morgan Roe - friendly
The Elder - Respectful, weary
Miss Karalis - Respectful.

Story in short:

Adité came to the world as the oldest child of a Mainland milk-maid and a sea-faring merchant from the Southern islands known as Captain Barna, son of the Silverbird.
Most of her childhood was spent travelling on the Mainland, her family of merchants ever wandering the roads. Her parents spent the time of their children being born off of the seas, having another three children after Adité.
Adité was early starting to learn the family trade.

Teenager/young adult:
In her early teenage years, a tragedy struck the family as her uncle jumped a lighthouse to his death. Despite her not knowing this uncle well at all, it shook the family and things changed. Adité soon found her whole family joining her grandparents on a ship and she spent years doing about half her travels and beginner trades at sea.

In her adult life, Adité has done her best to broaden the family network and grow her own wealth. The last few years before meeting Eyana at the fair in Nightveil she spent travelling alone or with guards, attempting to establish contacts and partners in the Forbidden Lands. She now spends most her time in Nightveil and seems to be making herself a home there.

Since first introduction to setting/recent story...
Adité meets Eyana at the fair.

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