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[Pending] Application - Yamushu
another bump because i'm 99% sure its been more than three days
SORRY FOR THE WAIT, FRIEND! Real life got screwy and then I got ill. Dx

Anyhow, here's some feedback for you.

The lore is intentionally left that way, just to make sure it's as easy to follow as possible. The real story is the one we make with our characters rather than establishing an entire world only to play in a small corner of it. The Civil War was, by my recollection, essentially how you described it, Mesalians fighting among themselves. There's not a huge amount to it, so long as your character's backstory falls within the constraints of what we ask, it's fine.
On that note, you still do need to refer to it as such, it's more for my book keeping and how I'm meant to grade and accept apps, I think of it like a captcha code. You mention it, tell me how it affected your character's home, family and life, and that'll be it. Don't stress.

Also on the lore front, I still need to see mention of the Dusk Portal.

Once that's done, bump the thread and we'll continue.
Trashed due to inactivity. Feel free to reapply.

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[Pending] Application - Yamushu00