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I'm away and so are many others
I'll be gone from tomorrow the 20th. An I'm not certain how long I'll be gone for, but likely till next year. It's the holidays, so I'll be with family like most of you will too and won't have much time to log on or do any server-work. My characters (Zarkaylia and Zaira) probably are visiting family as well, while I'll leave my NPCs (Thorvald and Adité) to roam Nightveil.

Slower or paused whitelisting
Our staff is away or busy. Any whitelisting processes will be slowed until the start of 2020.

Time progression reminder
In January next year, we progress to 50AV. See the relevant post for more information.

Temporary holiday chat-RPs on Discord
This is, by all means, a test (it has been requested multiple times, I know, but is inherently problematic). I will set up a time-limited RP-category on the Discord server. No one really has the time to log on to the server during the holidays, but some people want the ability to roleplay anyway. For a lot of us here, roleplay is a stress relief and even a way to get away from our family being too much.

"But not everyone has/use Discord!"
I know. Not everyone logs on the server much, not everyone uses Skype and not everyone checks the forum. Mesalia's a bit of a logistic nightmare these days, but I have learnt something important from all my years as Admin: It's impossible to please everyone. At some point, the many will outweigh the few. This is one such case, there are far more people using Discord than who are not. It is not at all that Discord is limited behind any form of gate either, it is just a choice not to use it. So yes, this will be a Discord-only feature.

Economy introduction
At the start of next year, we will start to introduce an economy-system that will be slowly elaborated on. This is a complicated (understatement) procedure on this server due to how we do things. But we are going to give it a try using a customized plugin. I'll have tonnes to do in January but will try to get things rolled out for a full launch in February. More information on this will come in the future.

The future
It is very possible that 2020 will bring the round-up of Nightveil. Another map is in progress since a while, with a different concept than we've used the past few maps. We just got a few plot points to finish off and Pink needs the time to finish the map. Either way, any new map launch at this point will be approached very differently from how it has been done so far. Nightveil will likely remain a visitable map, but will not be the setting's focus.

Further, an introduction-area has been started upon. This will remove the need for staff presence for the introduction part of the whitelist-process. I'd be glad to have help with this! Feel free to create stuff on the WR map for us to use as "rooms" in the tutorial/introduction.

There will also, hopefully, be a few lore additions or alterations.
1) The Lucin lore needs finishing. Right now we struggle a bit to find someone with time to write it, but it will be done.
2) Locations. Particularly old settings or visitable places. A fun thing, not high-priority.
3) RUNE LORE. As nice, fluffy and fun as it was to tell people almost 10 years ago that they can add to the lore, it's turned out a bit of a terrible idea to expect people to be anything but too lazy to actually do this. Meaning, it's now been 50 whole years IC, half a century, of the rune lore standing still. This is not acceptable to me, even with civil wars (especially with civil wars), the development of what is one of the Mesalian race's greatest strengths should be MUCH further. The issue this presents is right now that there will be a very sudden tech-jump. BUT.... this is fucking roleplay, we're all here to have fun and nothing else. If you got a problem with it, let me know and I'll consider it.

Lastly, Happy Holidays!

- Zark

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