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Whitelist Application Format
Whitelist Application Format



The Lore of Mesalia
The Rules
Skill Guide
Mini-FAQ (See bottom of this post)


Here's the whitelist application format; Only use this format, and please read the instructions, lore, and rules before submitting your application. Paste the following code into your application thread and fill it out with the relevant information:
[b]In Game Name (IGN):[/b]
[b]How did you find us? (Forums, friend, previous member, etc…)[/b]
[b]About You: [/b]
[align=center][b][size=large]CHARACTER INFORMATION[/size][/b][/align]
[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Appearance: [/b]
[b]Personality: [/b]
[b]Backstory: [/b]
[b]Capabilities: [/b]
[b]Items: [/b]
[b]Additional Comments:[/b]
The result should be as follows:

Below is a section-by-section overview of the application format. Please ensure you meet the requirements specified before submitting your application.

Take note:
1) You are not allowed to post your application as a work-in-progress. Only applications ready for review may be posted and anything else will be moved to the forum section Denied Applications.
2) Most applications take at least 2 reviews. Don't be discouraged if you are not accepted at once. We are here to help.
Furthermore; Applications of the wrong format will not be reviewed before required changes have been made.
Format the thread like this:
[New] Application - Your IGN
For example: [New] Application - Notch
The tag [New] lets us know your application is ready for review. This will change after we provide feedback. Adding your IGN lets us know whom the application is for.

The post must contain the following:
In Game Name (IGN):
Your Minecraft username. Remember it’s case-sensitive and required for whitelisting.
About You:
Tell us about you the player; Have you roleplayed before? What name would you like called by? What are your hobbies? Ect.
Your character’s name. Try to keep it appropriate for the setting and it is recommended not to give your character your name or your IGN (In-Game Name).
How many years old is your character? Since everyone arrives in the setting alone, make sure they are old enough to realistically do so. Skills are also affected by age, please keep in mind most children (up to around 8) are too busy learning to be people to learn job skills. So balance this and the capabilities section accordingly.
Provide your character’s gender. If you are inexperienced at RP (Role Playing), it is recommended that you play a character of your own gender.
Describe your character’s physical appearance. This doesn’t have to be in great detail or very long, just make sure the skin you use matches it. Avoid bias like "hen is sexy", try to stay objective. You cannot force taste upon others' characters.
Describe your character’s personality. Your character’s personality should be the product of their backstory, just like how people are shaped by what happens to them. Consider how your character behaves around people, their values, decision-making, and what aspects of their personality can lead to trouble, failure or success?
We want to get the story of this character's life before the setting. You’re free to create anything from kingdoms to villages if necessary. The Mainland continent is unmapped and kept intentionally vague so that there is as little conflict as possible when applying with a character. What we are looking for is how did the events in the lore affect your character growing up? What was their family like? How did they learn their skills? How has their personality developed and affected their actions and choices? We don’t need a huge story, just enough to show us you understand the lore, your character, and that you can realistically explain their history and capabilities. Every backstory must end with the character’s arrival in the Forbidden Lands continent to the current setting (Nightveil) and this can be done both by sea from either continent or by land from somewhere else on the Forbidden Lands continent.
List and rate your character’s abilities and skills along with a brief description of everything that skill entails. Take a look at the Skill Guide for help. What we want to know is what is your character capable or knowledgeable of, and how much they know or can do. There are certain things considered common knowledge just to survive in the time period of our RP. Basic cooking, how to start fires, pitch a simple tent, build a very simple shelter, and things along that line are pretty much universal unless your character comes from a very sheltered background. Also, due to the nature of RP, reading, writing and numeracy are all commonplace as well.
This is a listing of items your character arrives in the setting with. Note: in-game items are mainly used to represent roleplay-items and you do not need for example a full set of I-tools. Write what your character would bring, not what you think you need to play Minecraft. The list should be fairly short, only a few essentials if anything at all. Limiting what you have to start encourages RP later when your character is in the setting and looking for more of what they need or want.
Additional Comments:
If you have anything you wish to add, or questions, you can put them here.
How the process works:

I. After you post the application within 1-3 day(s) you should receive feedback.

II. Edit your original post to correct any issues pointed out in the staff members review. after you are finished, post in your thread to ‘bump’ it. This way staff knows you need another round of feedback.

III. Feedback should be posted in another 1-3 day(s). If there is no reply in 4 days, you can reach out to staff via PM (Private Message), Skype, or posting again on your thread. Steps (II) and (III) are repeated until one of the following occurs:
  1. After three reviews, the staff has the right to trash an application. Generally, more attempts than three are given so long as earnest effort to work on the application is made. If you notice staff is repeating the same points in each review then that’s a sign you may need to work a bit harder on correcting that issue.
  2. After you are successfully accepted, a member of staff will administer a test on the rules of Mesalia and on your RP upon your first login. They will also teach you basic server commands, and check your skin is appropriate to your character and the setting. You will have two attempts on both the rules test and the RP test; if you fail twice on either test, you will be de-whitelisted and will have to re-apply in order to attempt the test again.

What do the staff look out for in an application? Here's what we want and some tips on what might give you more difficulties getting accepted.

Ability To Take Instructions

99% of all applications recieve feedback on something that we want corrected. When we do leave feedback, the staff look for the ability to take that feedback and those instructions in a mature manner. You will always have several chances to correct mistakes. We never deny an application unless rulebreaks or the like are involved. We are ready to help you get your application approved if you are willing to take the time to try.

Lore Relation
A character must have some relation to the Lore of Mesalia, depending on the character's age we can ask you to mention the following: Slavery, War of Veld, The Purge and the Civil War (events from the lore). If your character was not around for any of them, the backstory must tell us why so.

No flying, magic, killing thousands with a fist, etc. Your character may NOT have super powers. Only those with express permission from the Admin may be of Lucin or Xitian blood in any form, so if you wish to play a character of those races please write a suitable backstory and contact the Admin. But be prepared to be denied as playing these races come on a first-come, first-served basis as well and the setting should have a mix of races. It is recommended to read up on Lucins and Xitians first if you do intend to try this as a bad backstory make it more likely that you will not receive permission yet.

Over-Powerness (OP)
Any character that can somehow beat all of its opponents and always get out without a scratch will never get accepted.

Unrealistic and too wide skill-set for the character
No one can know everything and the younger you are, the less you'll have learned. For a good idea of what we want, check the Skill Guide.

Characters considered difficult to play
Thieves, murderers, villains, prostitutes and similar types of characters require good roleplaying skills to pull off, we will rarely accept these as someone's first character, if at all. Remember we have kill-rules, you will not get far with a character only intended to murder.

Anything alien to the current setting and the Lore
You may still get accepted with it, but we might ask for more information and more details to make sure we know what we are accepting. Anything too drastically different or a character with a language not already in the lore will require a lore proposal before we can accept the character. In the case you need to submit lore or if you use an existing one in your application, you must be aware that your feedback will take longer.

Bringing in too many or non-acceptable items
You may be asked to remove items if there are too many or if the ones you have requested are unfair to other players, this includes mounts (Horses, camels, mules, etc.). No one starts off having everything sorted!

Starting your character off at the wrong place
Your character may be from the Middle Realm and its continents (the Mainland or Forbidden Land continents). The setting takes place in the Forbidden Lands in a town called Nigthveil. Your first character may not be from the Celestial Realm or Dusk Realm without permission, or the Nether Realm, Aether Realm or Void Realm as these Realms require some lore-knowledge or are otherwise inaccessible to Mesalians.

Final Tips
  • Please observe Mesalia’s rules even before getting your character approved. Be respectful of other players, and follow staff instructions. We will accept players of all skill levels so long as they are willing to learn.
  • Try to write in good mechanical English.
  • Even if your first application is not accepted you can always re-apply however many times you like.
  • Please do not post on whitelist applications that are not yours.
  • Make sure your skin fits your character, the setting and the RP.
  • Once on the server, be observant in-character and try to get involved with other characters and plot. However, please do not to explore too much OOC or dig around, you may break redstone or stumble on something still being built.

Good Luck!


1. What do most people think of the forbidden lands and the people there?
Throughout the Mainlands it’s thought the Forbidden Lands is a wild, dangerous, uncivilized place, and most likely deadly. People don’t generally travel there unless they have to.

2. Are there mobs or creepers in Mesalia?
Mobs are common and have lore, they are called dusk/duskfiends/duskspawn or some variation thereof. There are no creepers, witches or withers, etc. Heres a link to the Lore.

3. Is redstone a thing in Mesalia?
Redstone is called runes, there's a whole thread involving their lore and history. Heres a link to the Lore.

4. Is there an IC religion and holidays?
There are established religions, but every community and person practices their own way. Heres a link to the Lore.

5. Is there magic in Mesalia? Are Lucin and Xitian powers magic? Can I be magic?
There is no magic in our setting. Lucin and Xitan powers require a physical exertion. Only players with admin approval or members of staff play a Lucin or Xitian.

6. Can I have Xitians and Lucins in my character's backstory?
Yes, but Xitians are a rare sight nowadays, most never meet one. Those that remain in the Mainlands are in hiding as red eyes are rarely a welcome sight. Lucins are far more commonplace.

7. Is there a currency in Mesalia?
Most towns and villages in the mainlands have some form of currency, in setting, we are about to introduce it. Most of the forbidden lands operate on a trading system.

8. If I donate can I play a Lucin/Xitian/Get a second character?
No. No amount of donating to the server will change how staff or the admin grade applications or determine eligibility for second characters or otherwise.

9. What is the most common in-character knowledge?
- Your character knows about the Veld war and civil wars unless there are certain circumstances.
- Your character knows about dusk creatures that appear at night and in the dark.
- Your character knows that there are Mesalians, Xitians and Lucins.
- Your character knows, unless you give certain circumstances, that Xitians have red eyes and are uncommon and often undesired.
- Your character knows, unless you give certain circumstances, that Lucins have blue eyes.

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