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Busy till the 15th
As most of you already know, I've lived at the in-laws' farm ever since COVID-19 moved my fiancé's and I's work and studying to our home office.

The in-laws returned home two weeks ago, after living in Spain for 2 years. Since then everything's again been flipped upside down and been really busy. Aside from them moving home and we cramping ourselves up into a tiny room, socializing and change of routines, my brother-in-law is getting married on August 15th (don't worry, COVID safe wedding á Swedish standards) and the preparation is hard underway. The wedding is nearby, the reception is on the farm itself in an old renovated barn, and my fiancé and I will perform during the ceremony.

As you can imagine, I'm busy. To make matters worse, the bride and groom arrive at the farm on the 5th and have informed us that they have both had sore throats. The rest of the family are a bit "meh" on this, not too worried, but I'm the one at risk of getting a serious infection since I suffer from infection-triggered asthma. If I got as much as a sniffle by the 15th, I can't attend the wedding. I know, my life is lovely. What does this mean for me? Well, if they are still feeling a bit under the weather tonight I'll be moving to my parents'. -_- While life at my parents' tend to mean I get more time to RP late at night, it definitely is late at night and I will have zero opportunity to do anything else at any other time.

After the 15th, I'll be back full force. Until then, excuse the more sporadic activity.

- Zark

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