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[Rescheduled] 30/3 - Forum Maintenance
March 2021 Forum Maintenance

On Monday TUESDAY we're doing a more rare one than server maintenance! FORUM maintenance! The hours are as usual for Monday maintenances.

As you might have noticed, I'm trying to keep to a schedule and plan the times you can expect there to be access issues to the server or the forum. This is also to ensure more constant progress on all planes rather than see myself stuck at so much to do that I get stunned by the lists.

The forum needs less attention than the server. But I'll be trying to keep at least one forum maintenance or work-period (in case of just adding content) per month from here on.

March's forum maintenance will focus on:
- Version update.
- Plugin updates.
- Mobile version header issue.

And may also deal with, if time allows:
- Tablet login-buttons issue.
- Content.

The forum board will go to maintenance mode for at least a brief period during this maintenance. It is not recommended to use the forum during this time, your progress on for example posts and threads may be lost! You may also experience other technical issues after the updates, please report these if you do.


I had my first workday today and the company were having a bit of a Monday. Resulting in a very long meeting with less than optimal circumstances, AND thus I got a headache now. I'll rest instead, maintenance is tomorrow.
Maintenance moved to Tuesday next week due to myself getting a godawful migraine last night.

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