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Ujay, The Exiled Hunter
Ujay is stands at 6'0, with light brown skin typical of anyone from Ko'Ban origins. He has short brown hair that match his brown eyes. He has a lean, muscular build typical of a long-time hunter who spent a lot of time in the woods. Most of his strength lies in his arms and chest.
He wears a heavy leather coat, with straps on the arms to be able to pull the sleeves tight. He pairs the coat with worn leather gloves, with stitching that looks embarrassingly re-done. On top Ujay wears a wolf pelt, formely a living wolf that Ujay killed at a young age. Underneath it all he has light clothing that seems to be just for function. Barely holding together, probably in need of replacement soon.
Ujay is a calming force. He tends to try to think everything through, planning for everything he can. He tries not to act with haste unless the scenario calls for it. He's friendly to most, but is slow to truly warm up to anyone. Once he does however, he will typically be loyal to a fault in trying to maintain that friendship. Hurting others is not in his blood however, he despises the use of violence for himself, but doesn't judge others as harshly.
He quite idealistic when it comes to solutions to problems. He keeps things close to his chest that he fears others might judge him to harshly for, wanting to avoid any conflicts that may come up. He feels obligated and gains great satisfaction out of being a provider for others, primarily through his hunting trade.
While Ujay tries to remain as calm as he can, he can be easily flustered, put off guard, and cloud his judgement by anything related to his past, including dragons, the death of children, exiling, personal attacks on his hunting ability, and undeserved cruelty.
Ujay tends to be extremely boastful about his abilities and loves to take wagers on all sorts of things. He tends to put his own skills on wager all the time, but can be goaded into wagering on anything for the most part.
Hunting: Competent
Tracking: Competent
Trap-making: Novice
Foraging: Novice
Archery: Competent-Advanced
Useless Trinket Carving: Competent
Ujay was raised in the small Ban'roda tribe untouched by outsiders. As was normal for the village he was raised to help his father in hunting from an early age. Each moon cycle in the village repeated the same for his younger years. Spend a day preparing to leave the village with his father and others. Leave the next morning to travel around during the day finding whatever game they could and setting up temporary camps during the night. When they got as much weight as they could carry or found themselves midway through the moon cycle, they would return to the village. When Ujay was younger he would primarily assist in setting up the camp, foraging for miscellaneous supplies during the hunt, and managing traps around the camp during night. When Ujay got older he started using the bow gifted by his father to hunt. He was a quick learner, although whether that is due to natural talent or his father’s teaching ability is not clear. He would consistently take on bets with other tribe members to get the biggest animal on hunts and became a natural marksman. He set himself up to be the future lead hunter for the tribe despite his rather large ego about the subject.  

When he hit his late teens a younger child in the village started admiring Ujay’s archery skills and wanted to see him hunting in the field. He was a bit young to go out alone with another hunter, but Ujay though they would be safe with his bow. One night he led the child out with intentions to just show him around, shoot the bow at some easy targets, and leave a good impression on the kid. He stopped to fix the string on his bow when the kid wandered away. He shot up to a never heard noise. His bow still unstringed he ran forward, the kid only wandered for a few seconds at most he thought and somehow ran across a bear or something. It had to be a bear. The clearing revealed a scene of a large figure overshadowing the small child. That was too big to be a bear. Ujay was frozen at the sight of the mighty creature mirroring the child. He had to act fast if either of them was going to live. Ujay was going to run forward, snag the child by his shirt and run as fast as he could. The creature surely would not crash through the forest just to give chase. His body acted on its own and ran the other way. Reaching the tribe in haste he awoken the older hunters and warriors and explained what had happened. Knowing the child was left behind they made haste back to the clearing Ujay had abandoned. It all happened so fast Ujay hardly remembers that night. The proceeding skirmish only led to more deaths. The child’s body was never found during the fight.

The tribal leader, Masotta, had a choice to make over Ujay. Ujay plead his case of innocence, justifying the outing as a perfectly safe adventure. Ujay had no way of knowing that such a beast existed, nor that he would have been able to save anyone against such a beast. The tribal leader did not agree. Ujay had responsibility over the child since he took him outside the village without others. A child’s death was on Ujay’s hands and now he had a choice, death or exile. Seeing no choice, and with no one willing to take Ujay’s side, Ujay chose exile. He took his bow and knife, gave a last goodbye to his parents and left the tribe.
He spent the rest of his time wandering in exile. He survived off the land for years by himself, occasionally finding small settlements of people whose culture he did not understand. Only going into them as needed, getting odd looks and glances as an oddly dressed foreigner. He kept this routine for a long time until very recently. Ujay made a mistake during a normal hunt. Too focused on the prey in front of him he did not hear the dusk creature behind. An arrow lodged itself in his leg. Barely escaping the dusk creature and managing to have a moment to consider the situation, he thought back to his tribe. The sour looks given as he was exiled. The now dead child that he did not save. If he did not run, maybe they would be able to help him. He was not far his original home but knew he would be killed on sight at this point. All he could do was put some clean cloth tied around his leg and hobble along. He did not think he needed anyone anymore, but the wound served as a grim reminder as he walked how alone he was. He was going to need to find a new tribe, or at least someone to watch his back. He would settle for a friendly animal at this point. He could not go back to his tribe, but he did see a light in the distance he never saw before. He took this as a sign and ventured towards it on his injured leg.

Current Goals:
Figure out a way to slay a dragon without tipping anyone off that he is trying to slay a dragon
Slay a dragon.
Keep his promises to Hara involving Hades
Learn how to live with himself
Appease the gods will of him
Keep the town fed and safe from wild-life that may encroach
Maiyun, His Wolf pelt
Ancestral Long Bow
Obsidian Knife
Fire-starting materials
Spare bow stringing
Pemmican (Not the tasty kind.)

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