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Roe's Return
I am back! Though perhaps not as often as I would like, I hope to be on the server again in three weeks and on discord sooner.

I've typed up a backstory addendum for Roe to explain her absence and give her an excuse to be a lil reclusive when I'm not around.

"Roe was called away with a troubling letter back to the Crimson Order, not knowing how to tell her friends she was leaving she elected to leave a brief note and travel that night. Upon returning to the order she found that new leadership had been installed. She was dispatched on a questionable assignment to a troubled series of towns in the countryside where the peacekeeping efforts of the soldiers she was attached to only seemed to exacerbate the problems until a full blown riot killed several of her team members and forced her to take the life of a local militiaman in self defense. Upon the realization that the order was trying to use peace keeping forces to gain tactical control of local resources she hung up her coat and deserted, following a trail back to the friends she had abandoned a year prior"

This was typed on a phone, I may make it prettier soon.

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