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[Resource Pack] Custom Item Textures
Mesalia RP uses Optifine. It’s easy to install and free! We use it to add Custom Item Textures (CIT) to the server. Optifine is not required for RP, but does however include a lot of quality of life improvements to both Minecraft and our textures. It is highly recommended.

Any item on this list can be made by any player, just hold the item in your hand and enter /rename itemname into the chat to change the items texture to the CIT. Capitalization does not matter so long as the name of the texture is still present.

For Example; if I have an item frame and I would like a round shield, I will still get the correct texture if I enter /rename round shield  Or even /rename BoB’s RoUnD ShEiLd oF bLoCkAgE

Apple -- Pear, Tomato
Carrot -- Cucumber, Pepper
Cocoa Beans -- Coconut
Diamond -- Mirror
Iron Hoe -- Cane, Hidden Blade
Item Frame -- Wheel/Round Shield, Ship
Leather -- Dreamcatcher
Paper -- Notes, Map, Diagram
Poison Potato -- Garlic
Potato -- Radish, Ginger, Onion
Rabbit Hide -- Deer Hide, Wolf Hide, Fox Hide
Stake -- Pemmican
Wheat -- Corn
Wheat Seeds -- Paigo

Some characters will have CIT's unto themselves for items important to them. These custom items will not be listed here, should you lose or break a CIT item and cannot figure out how to replace it, any member of staff can generate a new one for you. 

There is currently no process for CIT items, generally any item important enough to a character that the SB can reasonably make is added as we go along.

**SB Note** These textures will be live as of June 1st, this information and examples are also available on the server at the help warp on the trade ship.

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