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Settlement Trade
Hey guys. I'm making this thread to be a global update thing for trade. I'll be posting any updates/notices/whatever that will show up ICly along with the trade schedule.

This thread will be updated over time and you'll see the postings on the forums and discord.

The trade is updated on Sunday once every 2 weeks. If your character has any item requests, please let me know here, discord, or in game using the /mail function. Preferably on the forums or the in game mail. Don't be afraid to just throw out any needs or wants your character might have. Whatever comes to mind.

This schedule is for Pink and I to have a consistent idea of what needs to be updated on trade. I will post reminders on this thread.

The next trade shipment is July 4, 2021.
How do I make money?

As expressed many times, we're adding currency to Mesa. We want to make this smooth and easy as possible for everyone to use and understand.

First, everyone should receive 10 Terra to start. 

Next, all characters can make money by doing their regular work and jobs. There are three ways of doing so:

1. During RP, you exchange money to other characters. Example: Bob sells flowers to Joe for 2 Terra. This is an immediate exchange that happens naturally during RP. Staff advises that you try to use these exchanges often. Don't just talk to the innkeeper, buy some food from them too!

2. Your character can sell goods to NPCs. This will earn money for your character during shipping periods. Small amounts can be sold without trade taking a cut. 

3. Your character can ship goods overseas. This will earn money for your character during shipping periods. Large amounts of shippable goods can be sold but trade takes a cut of the profit.


Here are the trade/shipping barrels. 

[Image: a5ku9zM.png]

Place items you want sold inside your barrel. They are labeled in the top left for which barrel belongs to a character.

[Image: 0O2NLJm.png]

Inside the barrels, there is an OOC trade book. Record what items are being sold to NPCs, and what items are being shipped overseas. 

[Image: eSE8Gmw.png]

[Image: NWlTxqT.png]

Once every 2 weeks, Fire will pay you the amount of money your shipped and sold goods amount to. As always, be mindful of metagaming and try to avoid putting too many items in a barrel at once. Pace what is being sold. 

Shipped goods have a payout of:
80% to the laborer who provided the goods
15% to the town
5% to Avery (Master of Trade)

Note, not every thing can be shipped overseas. For example, cobblestone is clunky, low value, and very common. It is not something that would be sent around.

Likewise, not everything can be sold to NPCs. The sailors that come into town would eat food from local cooks. They won't be buying logs of wood. 

If you have any questions on what can be sold or shipped just ask a staff member. We're here to help!

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