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Form submission: Character Submission
In Game Name (IGN): : Rokku_Ryu

How long have you been roleplaying on Mesalia, roughly?: Auria.

Character name: : Father Issac

Character age and year of birth:
: 35 years old, born 15 AV

Character gender: : Male

Character race:
: Mesalian

Elemental abilities: :

Character culture: : Mesalian

Hair colour: : Chestnut

Eye colour: : Hazel

Skin tone: : White

Height: : 180 cm

Weight: : 68 kg (150lb)

Details: : Pony tail in the back, well groomed soul patch and sideburns. Well dressed, and clean. Clothing always contains some religions iconography.

Personality traits: : Intelligent, charming, sensitive and seemingly caring, though has little to no empathy.

Main profession skill: : Theology

Secondary profession skill: : Psychology

Hobby skill: : Philosophy

Hobby skill 2: : Hiking

Native language: : Mesalian

Other language: : Ancient Mesalian

Default skills: : --- Numeracy.,--- Literacy in native language.

Character backstory: : When people read about earthquakes, they always think it is an ominous rumbling. A tremor that shakes the world.  What most books leave out is the sheer noise of it all. The cracking of the earth, the shattering echo of the highest mountains and the deepest ravines. It came suddenly one day, early in the morning.  The large city of Askar, caught off guard by the sudden crisis, struggled to act swiftly. Whole neighborhoods reduced to rubble, others swallowed by a massive sinkhole that formed on its southern end.  As the towns guards and fire brigade scattered to unorganization, it was the church’s that came to the citizens rescue. 

Many stories came to an end that day, but one story, our story, began. Clearing rubble and looking for survivors, the head priest of the church of Isohel Father Grant was working on unearthing a portion of the Church of Sulena, when under a section of roof, he found the lovely Sister Heather. She was injured, and at deaths door, but because she was found, and rescued in time, she managed to recover, though lost the use of her legs. 

In the recovery of the town, most of the various churches were damaged or used to house the homeless. It was decided that the other churches would be given access to the larger church of Isohel. This created an odd, but not all that unpleasant mix of both teaching and congregations.  This came in very useful for keeping the city united during the turmoil of the civil wars that were suddenly breaking out across the lands. In the chaotic times, religion kept people grounded. 

It was in these uncertain times that Father Grant and Sister Heather fell in love. Both believing their gods played a hand in their meeting, it was a large wedding, with much pageantry and celebration by booths congregations. And like any good marriage, nine months later, a beautiful baby boy they named Isaac. 

Isaac grew up in a warm, loving home, both of his parents showering him with love and care. He admired his father, the natural born leader, and enough compassion for even the most wayward soul, and his mother, though bound to a chair, able to show sympathy and love to everyone. Though, always seeing his father and others dote on his mother made him an emotion he wasn't old enough to verbalize: Resentment. 

His father taught him the scriptures, and his mother taught him the stories. Every event that happened, every death, every birth, every rainfall, every drought was grounded in the gods. This became the filter through which Isaac saw the world. He attended a rebuild school, attached to the church of course, and overall was a bright and happy child. 

Around the age of 12, he was starting to make new friends, and learning the basic social skills all children learn.  One friend, a young boy named Tom, whom he knew through a mutual friend, loved to go on hikes.  Tom was always the runt of their group of friends. Smaller, weaker, more cowardly. The other boys always had to help him, and make efforts to let him keep up with them on their adventures. 

One day, while Isaac and Tom were in the mountains, they had come to a ravine. Isaac made a dash, and lept over its most narrow point, but Tom hesitated.  Teasing and taunts were thrown out by Isaac, claiming the others had already gone on ahead. Eventually, at the fear of being left behind, Tom made a run for it and came up short.  His arms reach out and cling to the side of the ledge. In a panic, he calls out for Isaac to grab his arms, to which Isaac goes to do.  But as Issac fell to his knees, he stopped.  That feeling that he felt deep inside of him when he thought of his mother, how everyone always waited on her hand and foot. 

Just like Tom.

And so, Isaac reached down, grabbing hold of Toms wrists, and just as a smile of relief grew on the young boys face, it quickly soured, as he saw the cold emotionless eyes of his friend, and the sudden feeling of being pushed, falling, falling, and a sudden stop.

The group of young boys, all ran back to the city, crying and screaming.  The adults rushed out, with ropes and ladders, and doctors.  The boys told a story of Tom falling, that Isaac tried to reach out to him, but that he had stumbled, and fell. It was a tragic day for the city, the death of a child always is. And it always would be.

It was around this time that the city had started to fight with itself. The Church did everything it could ot hold it all together, but by this point, it was fairly clear where everyone stood. The Church choose to stay neutral to the fighting, knowing that picking a side would always result in violence. 

By this point, Isaac was a young man, and already a staple of the church, climbing through the ranks upward, following in his fathers footsteps. Events followed as one would expect. His father retired after the death of his mother, and Issac became the lead of the Unification Church.  His father passed shortly after that. Alone in the world, he felt that same feeling again, and this time, he had the power and authority to do as he liked, and an orphanage full of children no one would miss. 

He got away with this for years, time passed, and children went missing.  To the city he was a community leader, a good man, and a symbol of hope. No one was wise to what had been happening. Simply doing this kept the urges at bay. What had been triggering it wasn’t something issac spent much time thinking on. He just knew that venting in this way made him feel in control, and he did so without remorse. 

A total of four victims by the time he was 30, and a fifth on the horizon. All was going well, until the earth shook again. The older citizens felt the deja vu as this had happened before. But this was different. The shaking was rhythmic, and getting closer. From the massive fissure the quake decades ago left, came a monster. Scale and tooth and hate. An earthy dragon emerged, and once more the city fell to chaos. Issac, quick to act in chaos, helped lead the city folk into the tunnels under the church. In the chaos, he watched as the monster clawed its way down market streets and rooftops. 

In the end, the guards lured it out of the city and towards the vast farmlands, full of crops and cattle for it to eat, which it did, after filling up on citizen and guard alike. 

Issac was hailed as a hero, who kept a cool head in a crisis. The church was rebuilt and repaired first, and helped to house those who found themselves homeless.  He was always there to help the needy, despite internally looking down on them, the same way he looked down on his mother. 

His darker habit continued, a fifth victim, and then a sixth. But this is where things fell apart. The sixth, a young boy, was lead out into the mountains, the very same mountains that tom had died on so long ago, and “slipped” and fell off a ledge, and as his body ragdolled down, Issac watched with a pleased smile, and made his way home. And then, the news came. The child was found. Issac feigned concern, a poker face he had mastered, and asked if they knew what killed him. Only to be told the boy as still alive.

His heart sunk, and for a moment his facade fell. He simply asked “how?” And it was done.  The child was in a coma, and when he woke up weeks later, he wasn’t all there. But upon seeing Issac during a visit to pray for recovery, he raised a shaky hand and pointed it at Issac, while letting out a stunted cry. 

Issac knew he couldn’t stay. He had to leave, before people found out. The child was constantly with his caretakers, and couldn’t be silenced. Thinking on it for a few days, he announced to his congregation that he would leave on a missionary mission to the forbidden lands. To bring the words of the gods to the godless lands. 

And so, that is where we find him. On a boat, on his way to the forbidden lands, hoping that his past wont ever catch up to him… and maybe a new hunting ground.

Character family: : Father: Father Grant - Dead
Mother: Sister Heather - Dead
No Siblings.

Birth Realm: : Middle Realm

Continent: : Mainland

Items: : Religious Jewelry
Ceremonial Staff
Bundle of Religious books
Ceremonial robes
dress cloths
traveling boots
Basic Scribe tools

Additional comments: :

You have read: : --- The Main Lore,--- The Races,--- An already approved application

I'm deeply concerned for the children and obliged to tell you you're good to go.

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