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Character Submission, Emmett Landau
Age: 63

Gender: Male (He/Him)

Race: Lucin

Birthday/Month: Spring


Emmett is an elderly man with olive skin. He has neatly kept, thinning grey hair which he coves with a hat when working.

His physical build shows someone that used to be spry with muscle, but it has long left him. At the least, he has never let himself go with age.

He has a husky and rasped voice that is warm in tone.

Emmett's right eye is clouded as he is partially blind. There are some burn scars on the right side of his face. His ear has some scars and damage as well.


Emmett is a mix of grandfatherly kindness and crass soldier. He’s a man who has seen a lot and knows how to switch from someone warm and inviting, to a respectful servant, to a disgruntled veteran of war.

He’s lived a long life and has seen a lot. He’s fought as a patriotic soldier, doubted his country in the purges, served as a personal chef and Brewmaster for royalty, and run his own bars to collect stories.

Despite his age, Emmett has always been defined by a sense of adventure. He as always one to explore and get into new experiences. This has never left him, and he refuses to have it stripped away. Emmett embodies curiosity. In the autumn of his life, he is the antithesis of ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ Emmett is aware of the limitations age brings. He chooses to explore regardless as he figures life is better spent seeing the world than comfy in retirement.

Being a lifelong Brewmaster has shaped him too. He sees food and alcohol as something to be shared and cherished by all. To Emmett, they are representations of culture and ideas. This ties into his curious nature, but more defines an internal need to share experiences. He loves sharing stories, ideas, philosophy, and so much more over good food and better drink.

He has a complicated understanding of the world. The Purges were a shattering part of his life where he witnessed his country use propaganda to justify genocide. He knows that “good” and “evil” are nebulous ideas.

Having been a father and grandfather, Emmett has a protective and nurturing side to him. He always wants children to succeed and grow. He firmly believes it is the responsibility of adults to create a better world for the youth. Furthermore, he welcomes youth and change to replace the outdated ideals of his generation.

Emmett is honest. He doesn’t have the time to be deceitful. He’ll express his opinions outright and will happily apply colorful language to get a point across. He does know tact, but with adults he won’t beat around the bush.

Despite his usual honesty, he knows how to be shrewd when it comes to business. The Lucin merchant trades have taught that.
He suffers from wartime PTSD. He tries not to think about violence too much has he’s seen many good friends suffer horrible wounds. His own injuries have left him uneasy around sudden loud noises and bright flashes. Emmett prefers quiet and calm for these reasons. There are certain triggers for his PTSD such as loud rumbling or the clashing of steel.

In life he’s a conversationalist that loves a good story, enjoys other cultures, and shares his life openly with friends.
He has complicated feelings regarding his home country. A former patriot who became disillusioned during the purges, and more so after escapades involving his youngest’s political turmoil.


A comfy life within the Landau Vineyards is something many would die to have. A lavish home comfortably sitting in the Celestial Realm far from the troubles of the world. This sort of comfort is what breeds boredom in youth, and Emmett was no exception. Technically the eldest of the four Landau children, although his older sister passed away as a teenager from a horse-riding accident, Emmett was set to life his comfy life for as long as he wished. Always a servant to grant wine and food to nobles with wealth abundant.
His youth was spent with schooling and learning what brought his family great wealth – Landau Celestial Wine.
Alcohol and brewing were natural in his life. It was something exposed to him early and tickled the explorative part of Emmett’s mind. Being able to taste drink from different regions of the Celestial Realm and differentiate between them was a form of exploring other parts of the world. Alongside this he learned to cook fine meals. He worked closely with his parents to serve meals and drink to Celestial royalty and nobility.

This was too simple for a young Emmett. He wanted to see the world, especially beyond the Celestial Realm. He wanted to see other cultures, people, and everything in between. While close with his family, it was only natural that curiosity pulled at a teenagers heart.

When the atrocities of the Xitian slavery were exposed, Emmett enlisted at the age of fifteen. He was given training and taught to be a strong spear fighter, properly entering battle at the age of sixteen. His family of course expressed worry but to Emmett was a chance to go beyond and see the world, while also fighting for a cause. The roots of it were selfish and Emmett was not truly prepared for the horrors of war.

He fought for four of the ten-year war. Along the way seeing horrid atrocities, blood and violence, friends pass away, and living in fear of how he might be next to die. Emmett entered on an idea of adventure and patriotism that was crushed by reality. The companion that kept him and his comrades together was the strong drink Emmett brewed in downtime. Toward the end of the war, Emmett suffered a brutal injury from experimental Xitian explosive technology. This ‘cherry bomb’ popped near his head, blinding his right eye, and severely hampering his hearing in his right ear. These injuries proved to be permanent.

After the war he decided to settle. War and fighting were no longer in his interest, especially after the injury.

Emmett went back to the Celestial Realm, having seen much of the Middle Realm for now. It was these times and many years onward that he’d take over the Landau Vineyards. He never kept in one place despite this and offered work wherever he felt like working. Some years he made wine for the wealthy, others he’d make ale for the downtrodden. Between food and drink, Emmett brought smiles to many with his true calling in life.

He’d later marry the woman of his dreams and have five children with her.

The purges were a complicated time for Emmett. He firsthand witnessed the war and wanted to distance himself from the violence. This shaped him out of naivety born from his patriotic upbringing, harboring negative feelings about the propaganda from the Celestial Kingdom. He disagreed with the genocide, but often kept these feelings out of the public.

Emmett and his children made efforts during the Mesalian Civil wars to attempt and help those suffering. They never got directly involved with the fighting, but they worked together to get drink and use their wealth to support those displaced by the war both morally and financially.

Time went on, Emmett and his wife took many trips across the Middle Realm to explore together. He furthered his viewpoints of the world during these trips.

His children grew up, had children of their own, who would also grow. He successfully raised a happy family and owed many privileges and blessings to his upbringing.

After his wife passed, Emmett felt of course sadness, and felt that it was time to move on. He fully granted his oldest child, his daughter, the winery, and vineyard.

Emmett enjoyed retirement to some degree but found himself caught within the strife of his youngest, his son, Nathan.
Nathan has always been worrying to Emmett. An aimless sort, Nathan always bounced between any interests that excited him. He became a decent lawman, but his heart clearly wasn’t in the work. The family didn’t know his true motivations until publicly revealed – Nathan was a political activist.

The youngest Landau child became involved with reformative activism which some viewed as extreme. An anti-monarch party against the Celestial Queen.

This escalated overtime, and Nathan was framed as a violent radical. An arrest and probable execution were in place, so Emmett stepped in to help his son. This made Emmett a political enemy of the queen as well.

Emmett used his business and personal connections to find asylum for his son within the middle realm. The father himself made distance to escape to the Forbidden Lands. Here, Emmett wants to lay low and find a means to safely contact his family.

And perhaps enjoy a bit of adventure once more.


Brewing – Master

Emmett has been brewing alcohol literally his entire life. Even during the war, he made booze for his brothers in arms. He’s served alcohol to just about every type of person, from the common solider to Lucin royalty.
It’s his passion and life. Not only can he brew up whatever someone can think of, he can taste the ingredients and tell what region the grapes, wheat, honey, etc. came from.

Cooking – Expert

Cooking goes hand in hand with the servitude Emmett is used to. He’s a skilled chef, but it was always secondary to being a Brewmaster.

Gardening – Competent

Emmett has a good understanding of gardening, mostly grape farming. He grew up on a Vineyard. Understanding plants is important for being a Brewmaster.

Combat, Spears – Apprentice

He used to be a solider. He was skilled enough to fight during the war and still holds the knowledge. The physicality is no longer present, however.


Aether – Master

Emmett’s strongest and primary element. He’s wielded it his whole life. He commonly uses the element now to enhance his grapes and other brewing crops. During the war, Emmett used Aether to heal allies and fight Xitians.

Water – Normal

He has a mild amount of use with water. Nothing crazy but he’s lived a long while to use all the elements.

Wind – Normal

His weakest element. Emmett has lived long enough to use all the elements, but he has the least reason to use wind in his daily life.

Lucin – Fluent
Common – Fluent
Xitian – Novice

Items on Person:
Some Terra
Bottle of Vintage Wine

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