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[WIP] The Cult of Crowta
The Cult of Crowta
“One day, when the sun fails to rise, Sulena will shepherd the chosen and forsake the others. I alone will harbor the responsibility to prepare you all for the eternal night, where hunters and their kin shall be saved by the grace of Sulena.”  - Crowta


    Little is known how Crowta ended up in the Ban Roda tribe. He never told anyone his origins of a Ko’Ban tribe from the mainland, even to the tribe leader. He used his hunting skills to prove worth to the Ban Roda and since he wasn’t causing any problems mostly keeping to himself they let him stay. Crowta met a woman who eventually became his wife, Jhuria, who shared the keeping to herself type of attitude. They had a child they named Ujay, and Crowta raised him according to his own fantastical ideals. At some point in his life, Crowta developed unique ideals of hunting and religion, believing Sulena as the true god to follow, and came up with his own rituals and practices to follow to please his god. This would have kept to his own kin until Ujay got himself exiled. Greatly disappointed and with no kin to be able to teach his ideals to, he convinced as many hunters from the Roda as he could to join him and leave to form their own tribe.


General: The culture of tribe Crowta as they call themselves, idealizes the hunter. Anyone and everyone apart of the tribe is encouraged to become a hunter. Those who can’t are expected to take positions that support a hunting lifestyle, such as butchering, cooking, fletching, and weapon crafting. The only position considered of equal value to a hunter is being a mother. This is to both encourage growth of the tribe, but allow women a way into the tribe without expectation of hunting, even though any woman can and would be respected for becoming one. Males who decide to not get into hunting are generally looked down upon indirectly, but as long as they support the hunters they don’t get too much negative treatment. The striving to become strong hunters leads to increasingly dangerous prey as members stay in the tribe. At first you will be content and praised for small animals as you learn such as rabbits and fox. As you get older you are expected to bring back larger game such as deer. To prove your prowess further you are expected to hunt bears and any larger dangerous animals.

Religion: They are at heart, a religious group worshiping Sulena, believing that she will end the world one night. Crowta speaks daily on the importance of Sulena, and there is strong punishment for failing to revere her properly. They respect all the gods to an extent, but will make crude jokes about the other gods and even Isophel, as Sulena is the true god in their doctrine.

Location/Recruitment: They travel constantly to follow herds and don’t expect to stay in any one spot for long. This is also how they recruit new members, traveling near towns and convincing locals who might feel underappreciated to join. Newcomers are often given a lot of attention, respect, and general good will. Once they stick around long enough that fan-fare tends to go away and they must perform increasing feats of hunting to keep the praise going.

Leaving the tribe: Those who try to leave the tribe are allowed to physically, but must still identify as a member and be ‘working’ towards the ideals of the tribe.

Punishments and Order: There is self-policing involved in maintaining order. Those who aren’t following the beliefs of the tribe, talking out against the chief, or are thinking of leaving are often reported by their other tribe members, who will deal out punishments and humiliations to reinforce the tribe’s unity. The punishments vary between which member believes the punishment needs to be dealt out, but they tend to be a combination of physical and emotional punishments to maintain emotional dependency on the tribe.

The Leader: The tribe leader has the final word on all things. They aren’t expected to delegate any leadership and doubting the tribe leader is seen as an open threat. Such doubts can be forgiven for newcomers who haven’t learned yet, but for those who have been in the tribe for a long time can be forced to be prey for a hunting party as punishment.

Important Members
Crowta - Tribe leader
Jhuria - Tribe leader’s wife
Halta - Respected Fletcher and Bower
Trudin - Best Tracker
Leinre - Best Archer

Still working on it, but figured I would get input on it sooner then later.
This is a simple enough lore proposal to be approved as is. Bump if larger revisions are made that might require a new review.

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