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Form submission: Whitelist Application
<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>In Game Name (IGN): </b></span>: Jigglenibs

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>How did you find us?</b></span>: I found a post on Reddit directing me to your server.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Tell us about yourself: </b></span>: I have enjoyed playing Minecraft since I was 11 and have been looking for a good community server for a little while now. I'm from Australia and love community builds and roleplay.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Character name: </b></span>: Jigs

<br><span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Character age and year of birth: </b></span>: 62 years old, born 12 BV

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Character gender: </b></span>: Male

<br><span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Character race: </b></span>: Mesalian

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Elemental abilities: </b></span>:

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Character culture: </b></span>: Mesalian

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Hair colour: </b></span>: Dark grey

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Eye colour: </b></span>: Blue

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Skin tone: </b></span>: Tan

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Height: </b></span>: 6'1 Feet

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Weight: </b></span>: 143 Pounds

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Details: </b></span>: Tall and skinny, always in uniform, wearing metal braces on his head, hands, and feet.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Personality traits: </b></span>: Although usually good natured and helpful Jigs is known to be rather detached at times, finding joy in personal gain even if it comes at the suffering of others. He is quite obsessive at times, although the subject of his obsession's tends to change. His main two obsession's that do not change however would be his obsession with appearance, Always wearing a uniform and his idea of ascension through technology, hoping to one day turn himself into an immortal automaton.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Main profession skill: </b></span>: Weapon Forging - Master
A craft as simple as breathing to Jigs weapon forging was to be the sole passion of his younger years.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Secondary profession skill: </b></span>: Alchemy - Competent
Although Jigs has dedicated much of his life to Alchemy he finds his mastery of the craft has begun to fail, as although he can safeguard against an aging body he cannot protect against an aging mind.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Hobby skill: </b></span>Rune Engineering - Expert
Having studied for over twenty years Jigs engineering skill has only been limited by the tools and location in which he studied, now that he is leaving the mountains he hopes to increase his skill and fulfil his dreams of an iron body.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Hobby skill 2: </b></span>

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Native language: </b></span>: Mesalian

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Other language: </b></span>:

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Default skills: </b></span>: --- Numeracy.,--- Literacy in native language.,--- Basic survival skills.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Character backstory: </b></span>: Born towards the end of the of the days of slavery and raised in a time of war Jigs quickly grew up to learn one lesson: The world belongs to the strong. Raised by an older man simply known as Boss Jigs' purpose in his early days was to collect materials and ingredients for the Boss, who used these in his alchemy and weapon forging, both which Jigs learned to love. 
When the purges began Jigs was 13 years old and learned another lesson from the Boss: mass murder is great for business. Becoming detached from the violence around him he learned that the lives of others mattered little in the name of personal gain and his ideas that it is only natural for the strong to do as they please increased.
By the time the civil wars began the Boss had sadly passed away, leaving the family business to Jigs. Like the Purges that came before Jigs found that the battlefield was a place full of customers on both sides of the war,  however as it became known to the public that he was dealing with both sides he was forced to go into hiding beneath the mountains as he was targeted by all. During this time of isolation and research the civil wars would end and the Dusk Gate would be reopened, however he would not hear of this for quite some time. Instead he would work to study a new craft: rune engineering. Believing there is a way to higher power through  runes Jigs would spend the next twenty-four years studying the craft in search of either strength or immortality. though never finding a method to de-age himself through alchemy he did find a way to support his aging body through the use of metal braces that keep him from being a completely useless old man. Deciding to find a way to immortalize himself through mechanical means Jigs left the mountains in search of new answers, just in time for the emergence of the dragons.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Character family: </b></span>: Assumedly an orphan from the years of slavery Jigs was raised by a potion brewing weapon smith simply known as boss. While it is unclear as to why Boss chose to raise Jigs it was obvious that his did not love the boy, raising him to be more of a servant than a son. Boss died when Jigs was 19.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Birth Realm: </b></span>: Middle Realm

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Continent: </b></span>: Mainland

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Items: </b></span>: Jigs always carries with him a swag filled with alchemical ingredients and mechanical do-dads. Aside from that he always keeps a map of his local area and knife in his boot.

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Additional comments: </b></span>:

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>You have read: </b></span>: --- The Main Lore,--- The Races,--- An already approved application

<span style="color: #c49c20; font-size:16pt;"><b>Terms of Service</b></span>: --- Yes, I have read the rules and understand them.

Heya Jiggle, thanks for applying! I had a few things I wanted to direct you to so a few edits can be made to the app.

Potions Lore/Skills: "Potions" in MC are not the same as they are in Mesalia. A lot of the more gamey mechanics of MC aren't present in our roleplay. For example, you can build a 1x1 pillar in MC but such a thing is impossible in our RP. On a similar note, there is no way for a character to reduce/slow their aging process or retain a youthful appearance through potions. 

I want to direct you to our Alchemy Lore if that suits your interest any.

Mechanics: Similar to potions lore, I want to direct you to our Runes Lore . This might fit the "idea" you're looking for while being more in-line with our established lore. 

While I think a character searching for immortality is interesting, I will warn that it is likely they will never be able to achieve this goal. An older character has the benefit of being more skilled in their trade but naturally has to deal with the fact that they're old now. 

Skills: I'll also ask you provide some skill levels per the skills guide. 

Given your character's age, I'll direct you to one of my own characters for reference on skills. 

Thank you again for applying. Please make any changes/updates in your original post. It's best if you highlight those changes in some way so we can more easily spot them.
Hey Jiggle, thanks for the update. Apologies for the slowish responses. Time zones and my job cause delay.

Some minor tweeks/notes:

1. Please add Weapon Forging to his list of skills. Realistically, "Competent" Weapon-Forging would make sense given the character's age and background. 

Notes don't require any "fixing". They're just something Staff wants to make sure you're ontop of. 

Note 1: Master Rune Engineering can be interesting. We ask that you're familiar with the lore and ask questions about creating runes if they come up. Per rules, a big thing is making sure your runes are lore accurate and take time to create. 

Note 2: For alchemy ingredients, don't be afraid to have a low supply or run out. The bag shouldn't be infinite, and while your character can use them, he can't harvest ingredients at will. Use this as a chance to RP with the others! Characters that use medical ingredients ask others to gather the supplies all the time. The same can be said of rune-making. Someone needs to fetch the stuff or purchase it. That's what the other players are for. This can all be surmised as: nobody is wholly independent. 

Just make a few quick notes and post here/DM me when you're good to go!
Heya Jiggs. Things look good. I'll consider the app

[Image: flx9CJk.png]

I will DM you the stuff to join.

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