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Upcoming events and new maintenance days
Upcoming events and new maintenance days

Hello! It is mid-September and news have been sparce for a long time now. About time to change that. So here are some information regarding the current matters going on on the server.
First! Let us congratulate Jigglenibs to passing the application process and welcome them to the server! We look forward to seeing you in-game and to get to know your character. 
Then some more exciting news. The first stages building up to a couple of "happenings" have been set in motion in the valley. These are scheduled to take place in October with one of them being scheduled as an event. The preliminary dates for this event are somewhere around the 20th to the 23rd of October. This is still subject to change as there are requirements that needs to be met.
Less exciting is the new maintenance hours that have been worked out over a few days now through a Discord-vote. Server maintenance will always be announced, but currently it looks like the new hours will be on Saturdays. This includes both server-maintenance and forum maintenance.

Have a good one!

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