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November newsletter

It is November already. I'd like to thank everyone that took part in the event that started around the 21st of October. The event was a blast and can probably be considered one of the best, if not the best, event that we have ever had. A great success! All possible due to all you great roleplayers.

The aftermath of the event is still ongoing and will be noticeable for some time, of course. All a sign of a good event and great roleplay. Once the staff considers it done with and a good time, the season will be just about moving into spring for our characters. Currently we haven't been too picky with changing the season per month since we have already prolonged the summer once. We'll land back at what we're used to soon enough, what matters most right now for us is that we get done what we feel we want to get done without stress. With spring we can expect the return of a few characters! More fun to look forward to.

November means people are now going to start to get more busy. Roleplay might slow down for a bit up till after the new year, as usual. All to be expected.

There are possible problems with package loss, the event was held up a bit due to connection issues. Please report if you notice lag or struggle to keep connected to the server.

Currently there are no plans for any maintenance before the new year due to how busy I'll be.

See y'all in-game.

- Zark

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