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Newsletter April 2023
It's already April 2023. I have intended for these little letters to show up at the start of every month but life haven't been too kind for a bit and I haven't been able to get proper started. I hope from now on it will be possible. These letters are meant to feature news and current status of events for Mesalia-RP. All from roleplay-wise to technical matters. So lets begin...

Minecraft version 1.19.3
We have as of April 1st moved to Minecraft 1.19.3. We have also moved back to Paper after having needed to use regular Spigot for a bit. Paper should improve performance and we will be testing it out along with testing of all the plugins now after the update. It is possible that we will be able to save some costs on RAM as past memory-leak problems seem to have been solved as well.

As usual, any bugs are to be reported if you prefer to see them fixed. Keep in mind that the server's Resource Pack might be having issues as well, but aside from the version handling there shouldn't be any issues.

There ARE issues with the communication between Discord and the server. This is, obviously, most likely due to the most recent changes to Discord. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

In-character summer
The in-character summer is finaly here after a long spring. This spring saw the nearby mercenary band Bloody Skulls' leader Commander Amnas Uthradurn return from campaign on the Mainland, bringing back the local blacksmith Zaira Duras-Stengar as well. Their return were quite turbulent however as they found the local trade ship The Emerald Tide sunk at the river's inlet. The culprit being none other than Captain Morris of the Bloody Skulls, of course, as the locals very quickly figured out. And after trying to confront and capture Morris, and failing to do so, the townsfolk of Valour are now recovering and planing their next move...

The town, and map, has a name: Valour
Over the past few months the settlement has finaly been named by the locals: Valour. Per tradition, this means that the map is now also named Valour.

Keep calm and roleplay on!
- Zark

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