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Zarrath Stengar-Duras
Zarrath "Rath" Archibald James Stengar-Duras

Sex: Male
Race: Half-blood Xitian

Xitian-Mesalian. Zarrath is raised by his Xitian mother into both the Xitian culture and the Mesalian. He values some small things that make him feel at home, like keeping the hearth burning according to Xitian traditions or observing the starry sky at night with reverence like Mesalians would.

  • Zarrath's a 6'1 tall teen with bit awkward long limbs and lanky proportions that he haven't filled out yet.
  • He's got long platinum blonde curly hair that he keeps away from his face with a couple of braids tied back in a tail. The rest is just... wild. He's just starting to learn how to care for it.
  • He got his mother's large crimson and ruby red eyes.
  • His skintone is light to tan depending on time of year.
  • He's started to get some peach fuss on his cheeks and chin but it's barely noticeabe.
  • Almost in the middle of his chest, slightly to his right, he has a thin scar from a stab wound.
  • He has a slight tendency to hunch his back when concious about his height.

Personality - "A depressive inducing intellect concealing an otherwise optimistic and bubbly kid" - Kiro
  • Bit brazen.
  • Lack patience.
  • Entering the somewhat moody teenage years.
  • Has some anxiety around leaving doors unlocked.
  • Smart.
  • Intelligent.
  • Can be lazy on certain matters, need motivation.
  • Overthinks, a bit too smart for his age.
  • Optimistic, bubbly.

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