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[WIP] The Valour Labour Guilds
[WIP] - Figured since the other things are going up I should run this too.

"...To each according to his contribution."

The Valour labour guilds currently encompass the following organizations within the developing town:
  • The Builder's Guild
  • The Agriculture Guild
  • The Hunter's Guild

These guilds operate under the moderation, but not ownership or management of, Avery Martillo (referred to as Artimies). The guilds operate under a system of public/worker ownership. As such, no individual can claim or make sole decisions for the guilds. Nor is there a role for the traditional guild master. They instead work off a system of economic democracy, where the guild members elect a representative to communicate their wants and needs to Avery whose job is to see those provided. The intent of this system is to provide the workers in the guilds income equal, or as close to equal to, what they produce. Furthermore, this system seeks to eliminate competition between workers in favor of collective action. I.e, hunters won't compete with each other to outproduce furs but instead with each other for the guild as a whole. As such, guild members work together to produce, but bad-faith workers will not be rewarded by receiving income they did not produce.

The current guild distribution of income goes off percentage with intent to adjust the percentages in favor of the guilds as more members join them, and more guilds are formed. The rates are provided by Avery but agreed upon by the guilds.

The "base" distribution is as follows:
80% Guild
12% Valour/Town
8% Avery - For his working of the trade itself. 

IMPORTANT: These numbers fork off the "assumption" that the NPCs each earn 25 Terra each/Season. This is to simplify the process and keep numbers easy. For PC related guilds, like the hunters, these #s would likely be different. Additionally, they will change (with the % going more in the guilds favor) as more members join or guilds are formed. This is to keep from my PC, Avery, from earning too much or too little coin a season. The math is finicky but Fire will figure it out so it's fair. 

The guilds with mostly PCs should figure out what their characters are producing on so we can balance a fair rate.

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