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Atlas Faustus, The Lawful Knight
Atlas Faustus
Age: 58
Race: Mesalian


Master Level
• Mace+Shield Combat

Advanced Level
• Spear+Shield Combat

Intermediate Level
• Mining

Apprentice level
• Horsemanship
• Blacksmithing (Put down his hammer a long time ago)

Novice Level
• Household upkeep.

Appearance: Strong Build, Stout Shoulders, 6'5" Stark Silver Hair
Wears lighter clothes under his armor for heat management
His armor is well kept, silvery with green markings on it.


High moral standards
Believes that people can change
Understanding of others choices
Puts women on a higher level than men

Spiritual (Religious, but not specifically to one god or faith)
Tendency to judge based on recent past
Doesn’t take orders literally, interpreting them depending on the situation
Requires atonement or punishment to believe change is possible

Intolerant of crimes involving women being the victims
Has trouble breaking his own morals, even for the greater-good
Trouble switching out of a fight mode after a fight ends
Struggles to adapt to a peaceful life

Starting Gear:
His signature armor
One-handed mace
One-handed spear
Shield with an order’s symbol long forgotten to time “The Helping Hand”
Storage trunk for his gear
Water skin


Chapter 1: The Young Years (1-10)
It all started with his mother, Selene Juana, a northerner born into a family of rather rich and influential Mesalians. She was around 23 when she was attacked in the streets of a town during a nightly stroll of hers. She was emotionally devastated by the act, even more so when she found out she was pregnant. Sadly as much as she wished she could have just ignored the problem, she couldn’t and her family in order to keep proper blood-lines in order and make sure they didn’t have a fatherless baby forced the rapist to marry her. This of course wasn’t the parent’s intentions, but due to political strain within the town, they covered it up the best they could and used the marriage as a way to explain the sudden pregnancy of their daughter. Atlas Faustus was born. The last name being his fathers and,until he grow up, never learned that he was conceived by rape. At the age of seven he was drafted into a religious order. It was mainly to protect Atlas from learning the secret, and at the same time keeping him away from the emotionally crippled mother. He was trained in the ways of battle. His morals were shaped during these days, as they were very religious people, but he became spiritual instead of religious zealot.

Chapter 2: A coincidental meeting (11-23)

The training continued until he reached 16, at which he was given a lease to visit his mother and father. When he left for home they were not expecting him at all. He went inside and was greeted by arguing parents. His mother told him the truth in her fit of hysteria. He was enraged and distraught at the same time. Unsure of what to do, he let his anger get the better of him. He confronted his father by beating him to an inch of his life. His grand-father had to break him away from him. He couldn’t handle what he heard and left after a short conversation with Selene. She begged him to stay, but he couldn’t. He knew this would happen again if he stayed. He went back to the lord’s keep, and asked to get moved somewhere else they needed people. They offered him a position in a new area they were expanding into after he finished the normal training at the current location. He did so, taking until the age of 21 to finish it. He had his official ceremony, with the gifts of armor, weapons, and a horse for travels. He left shortly after, with a short goodbye to his mother. He wanted to at least give her that much. He avoided the purges directly that so quickly happened as he was only one man traveling. He did his best to help the Xitians that were being persecuted when he came upon them, knowing well they didn't deserve it, but often got out manned to do anything. During his travels with his horse he stumbled upon an unmistakable noise. There was a cry of fear from a nearby forest thicket. He quickly dismounted from his horse and charged in. He found a small girl being attacked by an old dog. He quickly charged in with his shield, bashing the dog away, and quickly dispatched it. After the short battle he saw the bleeding girl and brought her to the nearest town over horse-back. He got her to a healer in time to help the leg from being amputated. This accidental meeting of theirs sprung a new adventure for the both.

Chapter 3: The Forbidden Lands Adventure (23-33)
He avoided the civil war like a plague. He saw it as an unjust squabble with no honor in it. After some years of traveling with each other Neola joined her own group of sorts. The “Helping Hand'' led by a man named Erasmus.The organization provided free assistance, help and protection for those in need without the ability to get it themselves. He joined this order at the age of 25, just to keep watch on Neola. In the order he did the average things, protect the shepherds, and perform up-keep on armor. He had a few brushes with criminals and misogynists whom they were supposed to help, and to each one he usually tried to cross the line of violence the Helping hand had. He was stopped normally and kept in line by Neola. Atlas felt at home in the Order. Despite his original reasons for joining he might have joined without Neola. He did wish that they did some sort of punishment against those who were wicked instead of just helping the needy, although he knew why they didn't. He would sometimes inflict his own punishments on the cruel without telling others. Eventually the Helping hand was going to expand into the Forbidden lands, and Erasmus chose Atlas and Neola to both go with him. Sadly, he couldn't bring his steed, but he left it with good men in the helping hand knowing it would be taken care of.

Chapter 4: The Return Home (33-35)
It was a good time spent in the forbidden lands until tragedy struck. The order was already falling apart due to unstable funds and goods, and then the final nail in the coffin struck. Erasmus died. It was likely old age in combination with a common sickness, but the reason didn’t matter. The order, without its strong leader, was going to fall apart. Atlas did his best to keep it together for a few months, but no one cared to give their time and skills away for free. When Neola decided to settle in Auria and separate from the order, Atlas knew the organization was dead and stopped his work to try and resurrect it. He decided, with Neola no longer in need of protection, to return to his homeland. He returned to a good reunion with his mother. His father, having died from his own habits, made the return fruitful. He made amends with his mother and started to help take charge of the estate. It was a little more than a year when he got restless with the mundane nature of home life. He made sure someone else could assist in the estate, took a sum for his own travels, wished his mother goodbye and left to seek the same thrill and satisfactions he got out of traveling for the Helping Hand.

Chapter 5: The Wandering Knight (35-50)
For the next decade, Atlas wandered from small town to small town in both the mainlands and forbidden lands. He would help them with any problems the towns might have and help establish basic law and order. Most of the time it would involve training a formal guard for the town, bandit removal or basic night protections. He’d throw himself at any task involving a good fight, but settled for helping with mining or quarrying if that wasn’t needed. He wouldn’t stay for long if that is all they needed, but he needed to make a bit of money occasionally.

Chapter 6: Passing of the hammer (50-now)
While still continuing his self imposed duty of providing towns with laws and formal guards, he visited the town Auria more and more to check in on Neola. As of very recently, Thomas, who he remembered being a young lad in the very same town, moved back and had a daughter in need of some extra training. Atlas taught Thomas a few times when he was a child, so Thomas asked Atlas to train Cadence while he was in town. Atlas couldn’t say no of course. Through this training Cadence talked about the town Valour. Atlas hearing about the new settlement, their family being there, and the lack of laws or guard, took it upon himself to find Valour and help them like he has so many towns already.

Everything past chapter 4 is new. Chapter 1-3 was his original character backstory edited for readabilities sake. I do not plan to introduce this character ASAP, so take your time to go over it.
This was approved a while ago but I forgot to say anything lol. You already knew from Discord.

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