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October Letter
October is here and so is winter in Valour.

The summer break is well and over and we are all back to our busy lives. One of the first not so pleasant events that occurred in September was that the server machine exploded.

[Image: sparks-electrical-electricity-equipment-...r-fire.gif]
A visual representation

This forced a few changes upon us. The IP-address changed and the beta-console was shoved down our throats so now our RAM usage is through the roof for no apparent reason. Thank goodness for automatic backups though.

Then for dramatic events in Valour, Hades dumped Keys. I think the same visual representation works. No?

For October we will be wrapping up a few loose threads story-wise and diving into the preparations for Hades’ coming-of-age ritual that we are all very curious about. We’re sure it will be a party to remember.

It is also my hope that I will have the time for some long needed server maintenance.

See you in-game,


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