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Compulsory Quote Thread
Some odd conversations about eating patterns and feet sizes today. I feel I came out bottom of both.

[4:48:21 PM] Zark: I need to stay up now
[4:48:27 PM] SpyCrab: WB
[4:48:41 PM] Zark: Ty~~
[4:49:01 PM] Zark: How are you doing Matt?
[4:49:14 PM] SpyCrab: Fine, I think the worst part of the sickness is over.
[4:49:16 PM] Death: Blech.
[4:49:42 PM] Zark: Glad to hear it's getting better, lets just hope that's the last turn of illness.
[4:49:52 PM] Death: We are all ill apparently.
[4:50:15 PM] Zark: You as well, Daniel?
[4:50:38 PM] Zark: ...I got stuck in real-name-mode
[4:50:46 PM] Death: Apparently.
[4:50:57 PM] Zark: But yes, how're ye?
[4:51:11 PM] Death: Less of the cold, more of the 'my head is stuck in a vice'.
[4:51:29 PM] Zark: Eurgh
[4:51:55 PM] Zark: Feel with you, I hate that. Happens too often.
[4:52:54 PM] Zark: And I'm sorry Spah, I'd have hopped on the server for some RP if I didn't already know that once my parents are back home I'll have to go immediately for the next 4-5 hours.
[4:53:05 PM | Edited 4:53:16 PM] Zark: (happened to have console up)
[4:53:25 PM] Death: And something weird. I woke up feeling like I hadn't eaten in days, went to bakers, got a pasty... or three... and the eating went something like this.
[4:54:00 PM] Zark: Holyfuckinggod I'm never sitting near you at a table
[4:54:02 PM] Zark: I might loose a hand
[4:54:29 PM] Death: Yeah, I swear my jaw distended around those pastry parcels of cheese and corned beef goodness.
[4:54:41 PM] SpyCrab: My sister can actually do that.
[4:54:47 PM] SpyCrab: She can disconnect her jaw.
[4:54:54 PM] Zark: Ahaha. Loose a hand Like Nissy. Ahahahahahahha yeah I'm done.
[4:54:56 PM] Zark: OHGOD
[4:54:58 PM] Zark: OHGOD
[4:55:02 PM] Zark: MATT
[4:55:04 PM] Zark: OWW
[4:55:10 PM] SpyCrab: Like a snake.
[4:55:17 PM] Zark: OHGOD OWW
[4:55:25 PM] SpyCrab: It's pretty cool.
[4:55:32 PM] Death: ... I can just open my mouth really wide. That is just... disturbing.
[4:55:37 PM] Zark: *faint*
[4:55:56 PM] Death: ... And it is now that I realise I am still hungry. Hm.
[4:56:01 PM] Zark: xDDD
[4:56:10 PM] Zark: I swear, guys sometimes
[4:56:12 PM] Zark: And food
[4:56:15 PM | Edited 4:56:18 PM] Zark: Guys and food
[4:56:34 PM] SpyCrab: We don't eat that muc-Okay yes we do
[4:57:21 PM] Death: Hey, if you can explain why I was woken by stomach noises and a feeling like it's digesting itself forcing me to 'Goblin Shark' on a few pastry parcels of cheese and corned beef goodness, I will admit that I've strange eating habits and patterns.
[4:58:21 PM] SpyCrab: I eat one pound of pasta for dinner easy.
[4:58:34 PM] Death: Pff. Lightweight.
[4:59:49 PM] Death: << Metabolism of a small rodent.
[5:00:16 PM] Zark: I can eat a salmon filé piece (like 250gr... 0.55 lbs) and a few leaves of salad for dinner.
[5:00:22 PM | Edited 5:00:26 PM] Zark: And last half a day.
[5:00:39 PM] SpyCrab: XD, I need a pound of pasta, then an half and hour later I want seconds.
[5:01:10 PM] SpyCrab: How do you last half a day with only half a pound?
[5:01:28 PM] Death: By not having the metabolism of a small rodent.
[5:01:35 PM | Edited 5:01:43 PM] Zark: I usually don't need more than 200-300 grams of food in one meal.
With a metabolism the direct opposite of Hutchy's and yours.
[5:02:19 PM] Zark: I keep a steady weight with that. If I eat more I DO start gaining weight.
[5:02:55 PM] SpyCrab: Welp, that's humans.
[5:03:08 PM] Zark: I also often forget to eat regular meals. I don't get hungry till like, after 12 hours sometimes.
[5:03:35 PM] Zark: My bf thinks I'm insane.
[5:04:05 PM] Zark: He's like you guys plus if he doesn't get food quickly enough when he's hungry, he throws up.
[5:04:18 PM] Death: ...!
[5:04:59 PM] Death: So... the food shoves and keeps the bile down?
[5:05:16 PM] Zark: Suppose so XD
[5:05:32 PM] Zark: Idk wy, I've never heard of anyone throwing up from hunger myself.
[5:05:37 PM] Death: If I don't my stomach starts punishing itself.
[5:05:40 PM] Zark: Till I met him
[5:06:15 PM] Death: 'Damn it! I'm not trying hard enough to get him to eat!!' *Stomach punches self in the proverbeal crotch*
[5:06:26 PM] Zark: Ouch XD
[5:07:15 PM] Death: And then I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I haven't eaten in days and need to eat a double serving of porrige which is... like... um... A lot.
[5:07:24 PM] Death: Can't put an exact weight on it,
[5:07:37 PM] Zark: I think I got a good picture XD
[5:07:58 PM] Zark: Porridge too, my god. I can't eat much of that without getting a stomachache
[5:08:15 PM] Death: I don't do cereal.
[5:08:29 PM] Zark: Then again that's the thing, I can't eat more even when I want to. I start to feel sick real damn quick.

And as for the feet Hutch... Um..
[6:52:12 PM] Cerb: I normally wear scarves when its cold. I've got my portal scarf which is ossum
[6:52:12 PM] Death: Everyone has camo scarves, Tig has tartan.
[6:52:17 PM] River: It is a bit of both..
[6:52:43 PM] River: Yeah, I have kinda slightly big feet, and our deceased marine was a smaller person.
[6:52:47 PM] Zark: Guys with scarves here are usually teenage EMO guys. Think it's cultural or something.
[6:53:02 PM] Death: [6:52 PM] River:

<<< ... Um..Nothing to be embaressed about. I was size 10 at the start of the year, getting close to needing size 12s.
[6:53:11 PM | Edited 6:53:14 PM] Death: <Freak feet.
[6:53:30 PM] Cerb: I'm size 6. < Freak Feet.
[6:53:41 PM] Death: ... How in the fu--.
[6:53:57 PM] Cerb: *Shrug*
[6:54:11 PM] Cerb: Its a pain buying the right size shoes too.
[6:54:13 PM] Zark: I'm apparently size 4½ in UK
[6:54:13 PM] Death: That is quite peculiar, Cerb.
[6:54:29 PM] Death: Good sweet Mike, I am never standing next to you people! XD
[6:54:47 PM] Zark: No wait
[6:54:48 PM] Zark: 4
[6:54:48 PM] Cerb: Zark has the cutest tiny Zarkysparkly feet! *HUGS ZARK*
[6:54:54 PM] Zark: I was reading Australia's
[6:54:58 PM] Zark: DX
[6:55:02 PM] Zark: *blushie*
[6:55:12 PM] Cerb: *Rubs cheekies*
[6:55:24 PM] Death: ... My feet are x3 the size of Zark's and x2 Cerbs? Holy hell, this revelation.
[6:55:33 PM] Zark: No I was right, 4½. Damn confusing chart
[6:55:41 PM] Zark: ...holy hell
[6:56:00 PM] SpyCrab: Wait, what size is that in?
[6:56:12 PM] Zark: US? 7
[6:56:17 PM] SpyCrab: Oh good.
[6:56:25 PM] SpyCrab: I thought for a second, you were like.
[6:56:29 PM] SpyCrab: A freaking midget.
[6:56:38 PM] Zark: XXDD
[6:57:01 PM] River: I'm.. Size.. US10... >>;
[6:57:08 PM] River: It's like, UK8 I think
[6:57:11 PM] Death: In the US I... think I'm Mens 13.
[6:57:41 PM] Death: I can give people concussions by hitting them with my shoes. XD
[6:57:59 PM] Zark: Lordie, my feet are tiny XD
[6:58:24 PM] Zark: Then again I think I'm shorter than Riv.
[6:58:24 PM] Death: ... Size 40-fuggin'-6 EU?
[6:58:44 PM] River: I DIDN'T ASK THAT.
[6:58:52 PM] Zark: Yeah that's huge, Hutchy
[6:58:59 PM] Zark: Even bigger than my bfs XD
[6:59:09 PM] Death: This lies.
Size 46 doesn't exist, even in EU! I refuse to believe it!
[6:59:50 PM] Zark: Bueh
[6:59:56 PM] Zark: According to that one I'm 6 in US
[7:00:26 PM] Death: [6:58 PM] Zark:
<<< Even bigger than my bfs...And how tall is this 'bf'?
[7:00:47 PM | Edited 7:00:51 PM] Death: See, now none of you can be embarresed about the 'enormity' of your feet!
[7:01:45 PM] Zark: Uhhh a little below 6'?
[7:02:00 PM] Death: Ah.
[7:02:07 PM] River: DAMN YOU ZARK.
[7:02:09 PM] River: DAMN YOU.
[7:02:11 PM] Zark: He's actually not that tall, most his friends are taller
[7:02:19 PM] Zark: ???
[7:02:24 PM] River: I'M US10!!!
[7:02:36 PM] Zark: How tall are you? XD
[7:02:42 PM] River: .. >>;
[7:02:46 PM | Edited 7:02:51 PM] River: Tall 'nuff.
[7:02:56 PM] Zark: I'M JUST 5'4!!
[7:02:57 PM] Death: How have I been using US 12? Damn it, internet!
[7:03:15 PM] River: I'm.. not.. much taller then that, Zark.. >>;
[7:03:17 PM] River: A little.
[7:03:20 PM] River: But not much.
[7:03:20 PM] Death: [7:02 PM] River:
<<< I'M US10!!!Size 9 in UK.
[7:03:32 PM] Zark: Well, I have small feet even for my height, I know.
[7:03:39 PM] River: I thought it was size 8 in the UK?
[7:03:59 PM] Death: Damn it, why are shoe size charts so god damn....
[7:05:00 PM] Zark: Missleading. It's like US bra sizes, so misleading it's ridiculous.
[7:05:13 PM] River: Don't get me started on US bras.
[7:05:26 PM | Edited 7:05:44 PM] Death: All the same, never standing next to you people. Both for the fact that we will all seem taller and shorter than we actually are and my feet are like a sasquatch next to yours. XD
[7:05:45 PM] River: I don't bother whenever I have a thick enough top to not need them, but that's a whole different story with a completely different insecurity of mine. >>;
[7:06:06 PM] Zark: Well Hutchy, I'd want a hug
[7:06:11 PM] Zark: And I'd be hugging your belly
[7:06:12 PM] Zark: XDDD
[7:07:15 PM] Death: Around there, yeah. XD
[7:07:34 PM] Death: You can stand on my clown shoes to get an inch or two. XD
[7:09:21 PM] Zark: XXD
[7:11:28 PM] Death: ... OK. In inches, my feet are nearly a foot long each. Oh, I got a chuckle out of that one.
[7:12:21 PM] Zark: XDD
Random forgotten thingie.

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Hutch knows what's up.

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