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[Lore Proposal] The Vengeful Kaleik Dynasty
So hey, this is ready for some grading.
Before I get into the details of this lore there is a large issue that needs to be addressed and thats the conflict with the servers primary lore.

The Mesalian people were vagrants until after the war of Kane. Because of this, they were below notice of the Xitian and Lucin powers. This is an important point in our lore, as it's the only reason the mesalians were not harassed sooner by the other races. Theres other problems as well such as the plausibility of being able to raise any sort of army or force during a drought.

This needs to be corrected to reflect the fact the Mesalians were nomadic by nature until after the war of Kane. There were no kingdoms, empires, and armies before that point. Please review the Second Age of the primary lore under 'Age of Conflict'.

Since that is a rather large issue, I'm going to recommend you take care of that first, and then I'll continue my review.
Hutch, is this to be finished or archived?
Oi, Hutch. This one needs attention if you're able. I wouldn't mind taking on one proposal at a time to make it manageable for me so... This one is next. It's rather old by now after all. 

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