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Guide on the Powers
Thorough Public Guide To The Races' Powers
By Ann-Helén Nilsson (Zarkaylia)

By now you all know there's a few Xitians and Lucins around, right? Seems too much for the Mesalians? A bit unfair at times? Don't fret, since I can't be everywhere at the same time and sometimes miss mistakes, I decided to make this guide so YOU can snap your finger at a staff member and say "nuh-uh, now you've gone too far bro, look at what Zark says here!".

This guide is not to be used for metagaming or any form of abuse. It's just there to help both regulars and staff to put up and know their limits.

1) A Xit/Luc needs to focus to use their powers.
2) The more difficult task, the more focus needed.
3) The powers are NOT unlimited, they run out. Trying to overuse = death.
4) They're NEVER strong in more than 1 element, the element they're most in tune with. Using ANY other element is more difficult and drains more strength, they can also not be very skilled in the other elements (reach advanced use, see bellow). Make sure to know the char's element OOC.
5) A half-blood can never reach master use.

Enviromental benefits: Strong around lava and Netherportals! Their powers and their endurance with them gets an extra boost here, so it's unadviceable to oppose a Xitian around it.
Enviromental weakness: When facing a Xitian/watching a Xitian battle, take a look around... Any floating islands (indicate high Aether levels) or near water? It weakens them and their powers get more difficult to use, their endurance with them less.

Enviromental benefits: Strong near large amounts of Aether and ice. Same effect on them as Xitians regarding Nether.
Enviromental weaknesses: Weakened around large amounts of Nether and lava. Same effect on them as Xitians regarding Aether.

Element Guide

DISCLAIMER: Note that this is just a general guide on how difficult things are to do and how much strength in one power they demand. Skill is a completely different thing, one with Air as element could attempt a really difficult skill in Aether, but with less likeliness to succeed and at a huge cost. Void is not an element that anyone can use, it is thus not covered.

Easy use:
Any Xitian can light fires and put their hands ablaze.

Normal use:
With a little practise, fireballs, flamethrowing and ranged use becomes possible.

Advanced use:
Only a Xitian with fire as the element its in tune with can for example create fireswords and manipulate larger amounts of fire, as well as more accurate ranged use.

Really intense scorching fires and slight ability to manipulate lava, at great cost.


Easy use:
Minor healing. (Only possible to heal Xits with Nether)

Normal use:
Healing and protective aura against Aether, some use of ranged attacks and weaker shields against Aether.

Advanced use:
Great healing potential, good ranged attacks as balls or beams, good protective aura and shield against Aether.

Can create physically damaging Nether, at great cost.


Easy use:
Manipulate small amounts of dirt, sand, rocks and the like.

Normal use:

Manipulation of greater amounts and more advanced materials.

Advanced use:
Manipulation of great amounts and the most advanced materials (such as diamonds and lapis).

Manipulating small amounts of lava, at great cost.


Easy use:
Manipulation of small amounts of water, such as gather water in one's palm for example, and small amounts of ice.

Normal use:
Manipulation of larger amounts of water/ice as well as better ranged use.

Advanced use:
Mainulation of great amounts of water/ice and more accurate ranged use.

Manipulates water with ease and can create large amounts of ice. At a cost.


Easy use:
Minor healing. (Healing Xits not possible)

Normal use:
Healing and protective aura against Nether, some use of ranged attacks and weaker shields against Nether.

Advanced use:
Great healing potential, good ranged attacks as balls or beams, good protective aura and shield against Nether.

Can create physically damaging Aether, at great cost.


Easy use:
Motion and manipulate air a little.

Normal use: 
Can fairly manipulate air, push things and create a personal shield.

Advanced use: 
Can throw punches, push, manipulate larger amounts and create larger and stronger shields.

Can create strong gusts of wind, hard punches and solid shields. Can levitate, but at a great cost and not far or for a longer amount of time.


So How About Those Mesalians?

Mesalians are the inhabitants of the Middle Realm, the only Realm from where you can enter all other Realms. The Realm is in perfect Aether and Nether balance and so is the Mesalians, making Mesalians the only race that can enter all existing Realms.

Unlike humans (that does not exist at all in the universe of Mesalia), Aether heals them. Due to Nether's corruptive nature it does not heal them, it corrupts.

Their weakness isn't as much their lack of powers as the fact they believe themselves to be a weaker race, at least most do, when faced with the powers the other known races weild.

Their strength is not only their sheer number, but the fact they do not rely on any powers at all, they only rely on their wit, endurance and skills with their weapons, something that many Xitians and Lucins choose to not spend their time learning or learning how to defend themselves against.
This guide is thus made official again. I've removed all the names, if one need to look up a characer's skill in their powers, check the character's sheet instead.
Updated January 2021.

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