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One late night early spring a little ship arrived unnoticed through the fog to Nightveil's dock. A hooded figure wandered town till finding what it looked for; Zarkaylia. The old warrior and the hooded figure left for the docks for some time before Zarkaylia, distraught, returned to see to her guard duties as normal. Avoiding any of the other guards in her task.

Late night, sometime in the hours after midnight, the old distraught heartbroken warrior left Lapis' home where she'd been staying for a little to unseen return to the docks. And not return. While Nightveil sleeps a small unspotted ship sails off into the fog.

OOC: Unplaned... But from now on and for undecided time Zarkaylia is paused.

She'd have left several letters behind, those are to: Lapis (letter found on the kitchen table), Victor (letter found stuck to the door with a dusk's arrow), Adreanna (letter found tucked under her inn room door) and Kane (letter found tucked under inn room door). I've no time to write all of them, if even a single one, so find me regarding its respective contents.
I forgot to move this... Since a couple of days this old lady's back in town!
I did a Fire.

Updated the fucking ancient sheet and fixed some relations. Enjoy.
About time I updated dem relations. Holler if someone's forgotten.

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