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I should study, so I obviously finished the very very squished together background story for Zark. I don't even know why, there was 0 need to do this...

I guess it came along when editing her sheet a bit.
Trying to overhaul the relations and it's gonna take a bit. But here's a first look at least! And no, not all of you are in there yet, this is a first draft that I didn't want to lose. Cheers!
Ah. Updated again. Think I got y'all ;P And more... Idk why I spent time on a bloody family tree but HUZZAH!!!
The oldest bitch in town is back in the house.

As you all know, at times I let a char be paused briefly while things are more stressful IRL. Zark's been away for a little bit and has now returned home. She will have left a letter for the guards as well as one for Hara for them to know she is.

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