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Oh and, if I forgot someone/something, lemme know!
Updated relations...
- Removed inactive characters
- Moved down NPCs and family in the list
- Added missing chars and relations

Fixed broken post, adding a current goals in its place.
Also had to remove a bunch of the art due to aged photo hosting. I may repost it later.

For December 2018 to sometime January 2019, Zarkaylia has been paused. Aside from Christmas and going away, I'll be finishing my thesis and diploma and will be too busy for the dedication to a "main" character.

And here follows a little pause-reason story to explain Zarkaylia's absence...

In recent years, Zarkaylia re-married. A naval wedding, fitting for marrying the dread pirate Ezri. But their marriage was always a series of shorter loving meetings whenever Ezri had the chance and time to visit or pick the warrior up from her home in Nightveil. Never settling, the pirate still hunted the slaving organization owned and ran by a ruthless criminal and former lover named Morgan. And ever vigilant and hidden at her home, the warrior Zarkaylia targeted the same organization from the shadows, using the aid of her ally Seven the assassin.

Up some time after their marriage that was.

Zarkaylia's family arrived at Nightveil with the news that Morgan had targetted her grandchildren at their homes, abducting Ezri's pregnant adoptive daughter Copper that the pair once had saved from Morgan's grasp. 

Thankfully, due to the resourcefulness of Zarkaylia's daughters, son-in-law and grandson, Copper and her new-born were saved. 

Just days after their arrival to Nightveil, Ezri arrived after hearing the news, bringing her ex-husband and Copper's adoptive-father Rook Connors. Together, the joined families, Karalis and Connors, decided to dig out the war axe proper and march on Morgan to end it once and for all.

Zarkaylia quite hurriedly departed Nightveil with her wife and family, headed to where Morgan and her goons were last seen. Only to weeks after return... after severe losses... to return an injured Hara to her son and retrieve Zaira and Bishop. For their next stop was the Mainland and Morgan's manor.

- Einar owes Zark a favour/payment.

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