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The Glorious Atarsis Kingdom
There's always an accent XD But if you mean they speak with received pronunciation, then that's perfectly fine.

With all that I'm happy to say I accept this, which means it now goes to Zarky for a quick readthrough and then it's canon.

Sorry it's taken so long to get through the works.
No worries. And if anyone else non-staff has questions, im always happy to answer them.
Ahoy, Ryu! I've had a look at your lore for Atarsis.

1) There's a few small grammatical errors, I'd suggest a last proof-read.
2) The Main Lore itself state that the Mesalians were subdued, more or less into a hopeless state. That Atarsis is suggested as the exception to this is more or less a direct contradiction. A reminder is the extreme brutality and mercilessness of the Xitians and that the slavery went on unhindered for a whole of 30 years. It's going to have been hard enough for the generations enslaved to have survived those 30 years at all. To not mention most of those born before the enslavement never lived past the Veld War.
3) Reword "other standard 'women' jobs" please, before some feminist rides along to bite my head off.

(haha king Arthur references... I see you...)
Alright.. I think I got all of your requests done and done. There was a slight discrepancy from the main post here, and my Google doc... I think I made small edits to this main post, but not the Google doc.. It should all be fixed.
Some last grammar errors, otherwise it looks good. Moving this to approved and official lore.

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