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Huuuuuuuutch what's kitty's name? He's purrdy.

And Rand, I love both the kitty and the shirt.
Cat's called Jerry, brother of the late Ben. No prizes for noticing what I did there. He's decided that he likes a phone being pointed at him today.

The weirdo waits at the top of the stairs like this whenever I come back from work...

[Image: ZEPRfH6.jpg]

He decided that my chair was his turf today.

[Image: xGMzXCW.jpg]

[Image: QZ48SsF.jpg]
Rand your cat appears to be a big pile of chill.
I have a fat cat and a smaller fat cat. When they snuggle I can't tell where one begins and one ends.

So I don't own a cat. But I have a friend who has a Lambkin (A munchkin with a curly white coat) and a black cat who had kittens. So I thought I'd share all this adorable.

[Image: wjPct42.jpg]

[Image: kYkxWkn.jpg]

[Image: 6uLcIn8.jpg]

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