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[Journal] Zarkaylia

We’ve arrived to Auria, Netha’s given me a new bottle of ink and a couple of quills. Good, I’d forgotten how troubled I tend to get without my writing.

A lot have happened at once. We arrived early morning and I took the Connors’ kids to their home at once, where Ezri greeted me with open arms. As I thought, they knew of Alroc’s destruction and had been worried. Meanwhile, Zaira and Spy went to see Netha and assure her and Caesar that we’re safe.

I’ve missed my sister greatly, I feel so glad to see her again. And my daughter and grandkids. We’re all gathered here for Netha’s wedding and it feels very good. Aside from Netha’s anger at us arriving empty handed two days before the wedding that is. I’d completely forgotten we need clothes and thus we’ve spent half the day at the tailor, arguing whether I have to wear a dress or not. We came to a compromise in the end, thank Stars I don’t have to wear a dress but she found the most ridiculous shirt I’ve ever seen. My chest’s gonna fall out mid-ceremony and if it does it’s her own damn fault, hope she remembers that!

I best be going, apparently the bride-to-be needs my help in the kitchen. Which means times are desperate.

It was a beautiful wedding and Netha and Lucas appear happier than ever. Or at least happier than they’ve been for a long time. I’m very glad for Netha’s sake, Lucas is a good man. And no one deserves to be happy more than her.

Caesar have accepted Lucas as the new father of the family and as the celebrations went on it appears Zaira has as well. Despite her now long lasting avoidance of the topic. I understood her stance when Ezri and I confronted her on the matter, that she wasn’t ready for suddenly having a new father, but wholeheartedly agree with Ezri that running away from it is not the answer. In Zaira’s defence she’s young and have much left to learn but in the light of that I can only hope she learnt from it.

Out of all people to be leaving the celebrations before hand I hadn’t expected it to be myself. Zaira, the little scoundrel, decided to hand me what I was later informed by a grinning Ezri was plain vodka. Instead of water and a whole cup of it that I downed on top of it as I was thirsty after the dancing with Ezri and a piraty-jig. Needless to say I had to be lead back home to Netha’s kitchen couch and be tucked in, for fuck’s sake I’ll let Zaira know she lives when we get back to Nightveil for that one. I've never tried pranks much but I think it is about time I try to extract some revenge. I spent the whole next day in bed and learnt I’d knocked a lady out for talking shit. Sounds like I had reason to at least, but I rather not go about hitting people without knowing perfectly well what I'm doing.

I’m about to let the rest of the family know that I’m heading off for the Mainland soon as the Connors are ready to head out. I’m still not feeling sure about the decision to heed Jolene’s call for help, but I feel I owe it to her. I suspect Netha’s not going to like it, but perhaps she can be calmed by being told that Ezri is coming with to keep an eye on me.

We’ve finally crossed the fucking sea. It is strange to see the Mainland again when I last time thought I’d never see it again. I tend to feel better on any ship sailed under Ezri, so I made it alright this time. A bloody miracle.

We’ve gotten on the road already, there’s no time to waste after all. It’s the usual drill. I have to disguise as an old and blind beggar or the like as we travel towards Wyndallon. Can never be too damn careful when traveling if you have red eyes, especially not here.

The road ahead is long and a bit desolate. We can’t use the same path I took last time I was here. That path’s too close to that cursed Provensia still and while my heart aches at the thought of Thomas being closer but unreachable, I won’t risk it. Most of all, I won’t risk Ezri. The path’s also littered with wanted posters in every passing town, so the smaller roads it is.

I really enjoy to get some time with my sister again, even if it’s while on the road most of the time. Ezri manages to keep my pace most of the time but tires quicker. It’s not a problem though, I don’t mind a reason to have a nap. I’ve not been telling her everything though, I’m yet to reveal to her that Jolene let me know of my nephew’s whereabouts. I’m unsure if we’re really going to pass by as near as I think to the town where he supposedly live. Nor am I sure why Jolene would tell me this now. Nonetheless, I feel I get more and more curious the further down the road we go.

We’ve faced nothing too troublesome yet, just a dusk or two, and are enjoying ourselves as we go. I wish the whole trip could be like this but I am not expecting too much.



About half-way and I’m feeling unsure. As I thought, the path I chose for us to get to our destination does pass by the town where Morath’s son supposedly live. We should pass by sometime during tomorrow or the next day.

I’ve grown worried about the whole matter and feel torn. While I feel my curiosity and desire to know more about this piece of family I may have out here, I am still not so sure that this is a matter I should touch. My brother wasn’t a good person and on top of it I have no idea what kind of Xitian I will face. If any. I may not be at all welcome and I also bear the news of what became of Morath. Which is far from pretty. Some things shouldn’t be touched and some things not said. What if this is one such thing?

I will have to let Ezri now soon enough, but not now. We’re having such a good time.
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