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Zaira Karalis
Updated the sheet as well. A little at least.
After recieving a letter from her boyfriend Bishop Connors explaining how the man had to suddenly prolong his time away and head to the Mainland for a family reunion, Zaira found herself angry. But it was an anger fueled by her own anxieties and worries. After contemplating her real father's leave many years ago and Bishop's previous leave she came to the conclusion that what would make her feel and cope better would be to follow.

So one evening in a sudden burst of anxiety and impulsive behaviour Zaira threw a few of her things in a backpack, armed and armoured herself, extinguished the forge and headed down to the docks. To catch the ship delivering the letter heading out in hopes of reaching the Mainland soon.

[OOC: Zaira has left the building, so to speak, temporarily. She should be back rather soon again.]
Took ages, but I'v over the past week or w.e. borrowed the format from Zark's sheet to update the relations on Zaira's. Enjoy.
I updated parts of the sheet

- Age
- Appearance
- Personality
As of today (August 9th) Zaira's left Nightveil for a while to study abroad!

IC goodbyes though?
She'll have said goodbye to people. Would you like to have it RPed or discussed? PM me. We'll sort it out somehow.

Why are you having her go?!
I got a deadline (or actually 4...) August 26 and go back to uni/college around September 1st. Aside from that I got a birthday party to attend, some other occasions, and as of late I've had to help my parents out a lot. Over summer their whole internet, TV and phone setup have been subject to change as they got fiber connected to their house and the old ADSL is being phased out, etc etc, lots of technical stuff they feel insecure with and A LOT in one go. I digress. The point is I planed this trip for Zaira for a while and right now is a good time for me to have her leave a bit.

How long?
I did want to have her depart a week ago but there were things left to start on. Right now I feel I have no choice though. I'm expecting her to be back around the start of September if all goes well. If I feel too stressed with the school start and all, maybe a week into September.

What about your ongoing paused RP?
I'll have to sort it out somehow, hopefully early this week.

Will you not be RPing then?
I still got 2 of my chars around town. I might pause another and only use 1 if I feel the need but most of all: I can rarely stop RPing entirely. I've tried it before when studying for exams and it went very poorly since I cut out all the fun and relaxation entirely from my days so studying got a lot heavier. I'll probably still study tonnes and cut down everything else, but I find my routine to show on the server every night is a good way to keep my head above the water.

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