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Eyana Lauren Fisher
Name: Eyana Lauren Fisher
Age: 22
Birthday: 23rd of Even Months
Gender: Female
Race: Mesalian - Stromfels Tribeswoman
Profession: Fisherwoman/Part-Time Barkeep


Height: 5’10 / 178cm
Weight: 168lbs / 76kg

She could be described as having inherited the best of both worlds from her parents. Most notably the statuesque height and naturally strong build from her father, and the distracting curves and the fresh, young face of her mother. To put it bluntly, maturity was generous.

Eyana has shoulder length dark brown hair kept in corn rows on top and in dreadlocks further back, held in check with a gold banglet, marred only by a few sun-bleached streaks and emerald green eyes. There’s a single long bang on the right side of her face which holds several coloured beads and a silver coin piece at the end. Her skin is dark and roughened by the sun and work, with calluses on her hands and feet with splashes of freckles on her cheeks, over her nose and shoulders.
When compared to the rest of her body, her legs are somewhat disproportionate, and end in large, for a woman anyway, feet. Besides this, she’s quite what a woman of her size would look like, from head to toe, more akin to a woman scaled up then stretched out. However, her curves are slightly accentuated further around her waist and thighs with a slight ‘pear-ness’ to her build. Her musculature is clearly defined across her body with an admirable, athletic size to it.

As could be expected, she wears clothing that’s light and easy to quickly dry off. A waist length, off-white cloth tunic with no arms and an airy, knee length light blue skirt is about all for layers. Often she’ll also have a thin leather belt, worn as a bandolier, with six decent sized pouches and a spear holster in all, which further attaches to a belt with additional small pouches. There’s a golden yellow epaulette sewn haphazardly to the belt where it sits on her shoulder. She wears a pair of simple sandals, which can easily be ditched if the need arises.


Swimming - Advanced - A natural swimmer, Eyana takes to water like a fish. Coupled with huge lung capacity and strong musculature, she can swim at quite an astonishing pace. She’s capable of both free-diving and snorkelling. 

Fishing - Advanced - Besides swimming, it would seem this is her natural calling. Capable of using net, rod and spear to catch edible fish and shellfish in the sea and in rivers. Much prefers spear fishing.

Scrimshaw - Apprentice - As it sounds. Carving patterns into bones and shells.

Cooking - Apprentice - if it swam or crawled around the bed of the ocean, Eyana can make it edible. Sometimes it even tastes good.

Personality and Humanity

Eyana is quite a straightforward character, but not beyond some contrary behaviour. She’s a cheerful, energetic and fiercely loyal woman, as well as probably the proudest Mesalian one could meet with a vicious tomboy streak. Her pride is uncanny and quite infectious, but she’s not one for arrogance or brashness. To put it in a more fitting term, she’s the kind of person who would teach someone to swim by pushing them in, then jumping in feet first after them. She’s synonymous with confidence.
As opposed to these to these, she sometimes lets herself slip into a more quiet and introspective mood, being quite fond of the occasional quiet time. She will almost never be seen to lose her cool and knows how to deal well with stress and tribulation with a calm and collected demeanour.
All said, she didn’t receive much of an education besides the bare essentials. While not at all stupid, she is capable of staggering displays of dunderheadedness and childishness. She is also fully capable of some huge amount of competitiveness in physical competition. Good thing she's not at all a bad loser.
As has become evident, there are some topics of discussion that come up quite often that are difficult for Eyana to talk about, or gestures that she isn't well receptive of. Not out of offendedness or the like, but that for whatever reason they almost instantly throw her usual balanced and calm personality off kilter and reduce her to a blushing, embarrassed and stuttering mess.

Can Hold her breath for 7 minutes on a good day
Knows how to think as prey and predator
Big fan of gardens and beaches

Not a huge fan of ‘land-meat’, that being meats from land based animals like pork and beef
A better diver you’ll never see.
Has horsepower, but lacks grace

Almost gluttonous appetite.
Not the strongest grasp of Common
Not as fast on land as she is in water
Family Love They're nice... Close Friend Friend Like Neutral Dislike Really dislike

NPC Relations

PC Relations
Adrenna - Seems Eyana broke her and didn't need to convince her to have a hug. Still waiting for that camping trip, really looking forward to it.

Bishop - Can be OK, can be a total dick.

Ezri - Ain't she a little short to be a pirate? She seems cool enough, praising Eyana's cooking.

Haara - Mini-Haara is on the cards. *Squeeeeeeee!*

Kane - She's not to sure on this guy, but... he seems OK.

Lien - Indisputedly Eyana's best friend... really, there's no question at this point.

Vy - Eyana's gonna keep that dress... forever!

Solomon (Bear) - It really should be no surprise that, even after a somewhat rocky start, these two are good chums. They have regular competitions and battles of 'wits'.

Zaira - Eyana sees her less these days, and hasn't had tea and cookies in forever... =(

Zarkaylia - Dirty old woman's fun to talk to... in small doses!
Is this...? By Jove, it is! It's an update!
Two months later, ANOTHER UPDATE!

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