This is the application form. It is meant to make it as easy as possible for you to get a character accepted quickly. Don't worry, it looks to be longer than it is.

Before you start it is recommended to read the rules, the Main Lore and the races. This will make the process much easier for you. Maybe you can even pass immediately without needing to edit? A rare occasion!

It is recommended to start as a Mesalian. After 2 months of being active you may play a second character. If you first apply as a character of Lucin or Xitian blood it is more difficult to get accepted by nature.

The staff will grant your skills their respective levels when your application is approved.

You may always edit your application until it is approved. We will help you. We do not deny applications unless absolutely necessary.

Common knowledge for all characters:

  • What the Main Lore mentions.
  • Basic knowledge of the races.
  • Dusk are Nether-based creatures that form and roam in the dark (originally inspired by Minecraft undead mobs), and dissipate in daylight. They exist in the Middle Realm and Nether Realm and are massively more common in the Forbidden Lands. They are rarely a problem for Mainland societies.
  • Rune engineering (inspired by redstone) is a Mesalian tech.
  • Something called "void walkers" (inspired by Endermen) roam the Forbidden Lands.
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