The Lore of Mesalia

Author: © Ann-Helén Nilsson (Zarkaylia)

- Age of Veld -

For as long as we can remember our world has consisted of the three great Realms; The Middle Realm, the Celestial Realm and the Dusk Realm. These three Realms are the homes of the three races: Mesalians, Lucins and Xitians. The Xitians, red-eyed inhabitants of the Dusk Realm and worshippers of Umbriae, are beings with the ability to wield the elements of Fire, Earth and Nether. Their blue-eyed counterparts, the Lucins, inhabit the Celestial Realm and in contrast wield the elements of Water, Air and Aether. These two races had an agreement to not touch the Middle Realm, home of the powerless yet numerous and resilient Mesalians, through which they are connected via mystical structures known as Portals. A peace treaty if you wish. And despite the Xitians' dislike of the powerless beings and the Lucins' desires, this peace lasted for centuries. But that was generations ago now.

The Lucins eventually broke the agreement, and thus the peace, when they suddenly claimed a piece of land in the Middle Realm. Enraged over this unacceptable transgression, the Xitians sent assassins to murder King Laius of the Celestial Realm. Distracted by the murder of their ruling King, the Lucins were not there to stop what the Xitians did next to ensure the offense would not be repeated; the Xitians disabled the Celestial Portal. Effectively trapping the Lucins in their own Realm.

We Mesalians had never seen the likes of the nightmares that followed. The Xitians, rid of the Lucin threat, unleashed their flames and rage upon the Middle Realm and its unsuspecting Mesalian people. With ruthlessness and merciless warfare the Xitian race burned, murdered, raped and pillaged its way through the Mainland continent and the survivors of our people were enslaved under the red-eyed invaders.

For thirty years we served under our Xitian masters. Reduced to tools with lives of lesser worth, our hope had faded and most of our culture long since been carried away as ashes and smoke in a crimson dawn.

Our children died next to our old. When our prayers were finally heard and the first platoons of Lucins once more appeared from their now mended Celestial Portal a spark of hope set our fighting spirits ablaze. Their blue eyes gazed upon the atrocities committed by their red-eyed counterparts with horror and dread. And they cried for us. In the name of the Celestial Realm and the Mesalian people's freedom they begun to wage a grande war against the Xitians. This great war came to be named the War of Veld and it raged throughout the Middle Realm for ten long years. Ten years of desperately pushing the Xitians back to their own Portal and freeing the Mesalian slaves.

Then came that last fateful day of the last and final great battle of the war. Near defeat, the Xitian army had retreated to their Realm and their Dusk Portal to regroup. That was when the great Sages made their appearance. Displaying power beyond anything seen in the known history of the Realms these brave men and women made the ultimate sacrifice as they effectively closed the Dusk Portal and defeated the remains of the Xitian army while their bodies vanished.

Years of fear followed in the war's wake. Many dared to flee to the Forbidden Land, the uninhabited continent a whole ocean away known to be too dangerous to set foot on. Others begun to rebuild. Settlers and those looking to rebuild alike feared the Xitian threat and soon it became known that Xitian survivors remained in the Middle Realm. Fear fuelled hatred and encouraged by the Lucins, the Purge begun. An atrocity in itself where over a couple of years a majority of the remaining Xitians were eradicated from the Middle Realm. Not all of our or the Lucin people agreed with this horrific act.

Mountains were climbed, deep forests explored, and ruins looted of relics of old. Roads and trade routes were created and the art of rune engineering once more discovered. We rebuilt and found ourselves new homes. But with this it was inevitable that conflicts rose and wars begun. For two decades a great civil war raged throughout the Mainland continent while new settlements struggled to fight dusk creatures and more to be established in the Forbidden Lands. Kingdoms and countries drew new borders. It would be years before peace was finally restored.

Midst this peace and new era of the Mesalian civilization's rise it was with a shaky gasp we saw our once great fear became reality; The Dusk Portal once again sparked to life. The first few Xitians from the Dusk Realm once again set foot upon the Middle Realm. But in their absence the countries surrounding the Portals joined in alliance and formed an army meant to defend us and our Realm from invasion. After the first few tense encounters the Dusk, Celestial and Middle Realms remain at peace. For the Xitians carried word of another threat... The dragons had come.

Year 52 AV. In the midst of this turbulent time, you arrived to a young settlement in the Forbidden Lands resting by the foot of a glowing mountain... They call it Valour.