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Kane Stengar
Figured I'd finally actually put on together so  I can keep track of things better.

Name: Kane Stengar
Age: 30, born AV 20
Gender: Male
Race: Mesalian

Standing at 5'8, Kane is not an imposing man. He has black hair somewhere between short and medium length which when combined with a patchy and scratchy beard leaves him looking permanently scruffy. The hair does serve to hide the many small scars that litter his face, with all that can easily be seen being his sharp nose and dull, calculating hazel eyes.
Despite being a warrior, it's not immediately clear from his build that he is one. First and foremost, he's missing his left arm from the elbow down but he also he is built like a climber, with a more wiry build that hides a surprising strength. One he hides further by covering his frame in loose or baggy clothing, typically a shirt and leather-lined jacket. He tends to cut all his left sleeves short to prevent them flapping about at all.
The one clear giveaway as to what he really is, is the sabre that always hangs at his hip, though it looks as tired and worn out as the rest of his clothing which is always in need of a least a few stitches on the best of days.
His outfit is rounded out by the ever practical boots, ones that look to have walked hundreds of miles by this point but are still clinging to life.

Fighting Style:
Truthfully, I always lie.

Wise, strong, prideful. Old mentor and friend. Seems to be more settled with life, good. Deserves as much. We're similar, I think.

Rude, loud, violent. Hard not to like. Odd, trusting this fast. Similar burdens and pains, I think. Feel I'll learn much from her, intentional or not.

Unstable, untrustworthy, vicious. Need to figure her out. Might be useful. Seems religious, annoying. Thinks herself a fighter, perhaps. Too many contradictions.

Fiery, sturdy, kind. Better friend than I deserve. Too kind, perhaps. Strong, maybe brittle. Seems to have doubts in her gut. Wish I could help.

Energtic, curious, kid. Like him, but don't know how to handle. Too different to me. Both stand to learn something. Shame all I can teach is swords.

Friendly, curious, irritating. Seems harmless. Won't shut up, best to avoid. Seems smart, if absent minded.

Lively, friendly, scandalous. Barely spoken, despite knowing her years. Know her more by others stories. Ought to change that.

Smart, learning, stupid. Clever kid, finally seems to be growing. Never seems to get the dumb things in life. Cares about appearance. Maybe too much.
Truthfully, I always lie.

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